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  • What inspired you to be a Chef ?
  • What were the challenges you had to face during your days as a struggling Chef ?
  • How would you describe your style of cooking ?
  • What are the best and worst things about being a Chef ?
  • Any culinary disaster you remember as having taught you a lot ?
  • Apart from cooking food, what is that one thing you love to do ?
  • What is your signature dish ?
  • Which ingredient do you most like experimenting with in the kitchen ?
  • Please share your experience about the prestigious ‘Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship 2012’ that you received from the Government of New Zealand in the field of Food & Beverage.
  • You love travelling and host “Pickle Nation” that is about travel and food. What is “food” for you and how do you link travelling with food?
  • How different is it to be a judge and a mentor in the reality show like MasterChef as compare to being a Chef – “King of the Kitchen” ?
  • You are very active in writing blogs, where did you get the passion of blogging ?
  • You have uncountable followers and admirers please share your success mantra with them and small message for them ?
  • Is there a Chef you truly admire and why ?
  • What is Chef Kunal's favorite meal?
  • How do see the food scene changing in India ?
  • With international ingredients now so easily available, how do you see the Indian market growing ?
  • What fascinated you and made you so passionate about the hospitality sector? Who do you consider your power- house or backbone?
  • Which is the one award, recognition or achievement that’s close to your heart and why?
  • You have often been tagged among the best-looking chefs in the country. How do you deal with all the attention ?
  • Do you think India offers ample opportunities to people who want to become chefs ?
  • What are your plans for the near future ?
  • How did he get involved with this initiative and what has been his role so far in promoting green coffee?
  • How does one extract green coffee?
  • What are the benefits of green coffee?
  • What is its future?
  • How to use green coffee ?

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