Kumar Ujjwal

SAP Technology Consultant

  • What do you do to maintain your technical qualifications?

    In IT sector changing is constant, everyday something change in technology, its upgrading everyday. So You have to always ready for upgrade your technical knowledge, apart from your job you have to study well in your technical field. Global Certification, Online training from your service provider and most importantly whenever you get any chance to work on new SAP product just grab it, learn and perform the same, because in SAP field hands on experience matter a lot.

  • Which project are you the proudest of?

    There are lots of project I have worked on, and every project, apart from work I learn something, Every project matters, because on last project performance we get next project, and its normal in IT sector specially in SAP, where Consultant like me responsible for design, built and provide solution to the client.

  • How do you think technology advancement will impact jobs?

    Just like a coin, Technology advancement also having two sides, Positive and Negative My short view on this... Positive Technological innovations or advancement result in the improved lifestyles, and hence consumerism increases and thereby results in more employment opportunities, less manual task because maximum tasks go with automation. If you are skilled in new technology, you are in demand and get paid handsome amount than others. Negative Due to Technological innovations or advancement traditional workforce demand goes down, jobs cutting. You have to be upgraded your skill with time otherwise you can’t get good opportunity. But overall Technology advancement is good for us and yeah exception is always there!!

  • How would you start a project that requires you to use new technology?

    Very simple just get trained yourself before start the project... usually such project suddenly not started. management team plan if any new technology required for project and then build a core team who going to perform these tasks. Vendor provide KT for all technical and functional scenarios and they are available for all kinds of support until project not GoLive.