Kishan Kanodia

General manager, Welsupun Group.

  • How do you see corporate finance evolving in the far future?

    Corporate Finance is backbone of any organization. After this COVID - 19, role of CF is increased tremendously. Be it Fund raising, Treasury management etc

  • Will the knowledge of accounting help me in building a career in corporate finance?

    surely, accounting knowledge will help to understand the Financials of the Company in more details.. based on that you can take the decision better..

  • What reality do you wish you knew about corporate finance when you entered this domain?

    Below are the few Realities of Corporate Finance : 1) You should understand the business (2) Aware about best rate financing options (3)Strong Networking with Financial sector guys (4) investment and investor management and many other realities... u can reach me at 9009505222

  • When should a company consider raising debt instead of equity?

    it's all depend upon current situation of the Company. It's D/E ratio, DSCR etc i.e. the Companies abilities to Debt servicing.. And maximization of wealth for shareholders...

  • Can you walk us through the most successful decision you took for your company?

    there are lot of such decisions.. but if I remember most successful was to get the Fund at cheapest rate as compare to predecessor. This was results of mmay thing Credit rating management, BS management etc..

  • What are the major challenges faced by a corporate finance professional?

    Professional Life of Corporate Finance professionals are always a challenging one, below are the major challenges : (1) Managing Debt Equity portfolio (2) Debt raising at competitive pricing (3) Managing relationship with Investors, Bankers, ratings agencies etc and you can contact me at 9009505222