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About Kenny Sebastian

Kenneth Mathew Sebastian, popularly known as Kenny Sebastian, is an Indian stand-up comedian, musician and film maker. He first rose to prominence through a YouTube channel that broadcasts clips of his stand up shows, devotional song covers in addition to original skits garnering 152 million views since 2008.

Connect with Kenny Sebastian's life

  • You spent your childhood in different cities. How was it like for you, changing schools so often?
  • Could you tell us a funny or embarrassing incident you remember from your childhood days?
  • Given that you started filmmaking early in life, what is the coolest thing about making films?
  • When was the moment that you realised you wanted to pursue stand-up comedy?
  • How supportive were your parents of your decision to pursue stand-up comedy?
  • Having been on so many tours across the world, which is the one travel experience that you’ll always remember?
  • What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a comedian?
  • Who is your favourite stand-up comedian?
  • Which is the one book you can read numerous times?
  • Kenny the musician or Kenny the comedian – which role is easier?
  • Could you tell us a joke you have used to get out of a difficult situation?
  • One story your friends and close ones say you repeat a lot?
  • What do you tell yourself right before going on stage? Or do you just take a long breath?
  • What is your advice to budding comedians in India?
  • How did you decide to get into comedy?
  • How do you keep your content free of social issues?
  • You have a lot of fans, how does it feel?
  • Your first encounter with a fan?
  • You suffered stage fright as a kid, How does it feel now when you are constantly on the stage?
  • Any heckling experience?
  • Does a bad show or heckling discourage you to pursue stand-up?
  • What's your thought process and experiences about shows abroad?
  • How much time do you get for your personal life?
  • Your favorite stand-up shows?
  • Do you like being on talk shows or being interviewed?

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