Kanika Pahuja

Sr. Manager Marketing, VLCC

  • How do you evaluate traditional vs. digital marketing channels?

    it depends on the product/brand you want to promote in which region. Traditional chanels are effective in terms of brand presence but the ROI (Return of Investment) cannot be measured very effectively vs Digital Marketing Channels are ROI driven and you can reach your potential customer. In current scenario where the marketing budegts are limited, the best platform to promote the business is through Digital Marketing, as you can reach ur TG with multiple platforms, you can optimise the budgets utilize your budgets in creating campaigns that maximize the reach of the product. For example - you can promote a Toothpaste in Modern Trade outlet, print ad or on a leading TV channel TVC and landup spending Lacs which might not give you direct sales or results of campaign VS you can promote a Toothpaste in OTT platforms, YouTube, Tiktok, gaming app, online grocery, Social Media - this will give you the figure of the potential reach to the customer, sales figures as your ads can do impluse buying, ROI and you will spends 1/4th of your Marketing spends

  • What is your most important customer retention matra?

    Customer Satisfaction as a top priority.

  • What has been the most challenging task for you as a marketer?

    as a marketer most challenging is to have a consistent performance of the campaigns. I do multiple lead generation campaigns for my brand, retaining the quality, volume and commited ROI is a task

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

    it's not all about job, its about evolving as an individual. You have to be indispensable, anyone can take your job and do work with a skill set. For me, Job is just a task which you complete every day. A motherhood statement that 5 years later I will be a VP marketing of a company is something you can't define in current scenario, you just have to perform every day which is worth spending time on..

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?

    when I had to choose between working in an agency as a branch head and working with an corporate

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

    the opportunity to grow as an individual and diversified platforms to learn everyday a new thing

  • How was your experience with your first job?

    the first job is always a stepping stone where you choose to be continue with the same career or switch to another. it was a great learning experience for me.

  • How has your job evolved over the years?

    yes.. I started with an advertising agency with a goal to become a brand manager. it has evolved from a servicing to the brands to reaching to a level where I choose what needs to be done with the brand

  • What are the 3 things every successful marketers must-have?

    for me it is Defined objective of the campaign, ROI for every penny and great negotiation skill

  • What is the one thing that you abide by in all your marketing campaigns?

    ROI driven campaign along with Strong and clear communication

  • How did you go about finding your right target audience?

    Finding right TG requires exposure to your TG, if you are working on retail brand then the customer database and is the first hand information second is the source of aquisition it helps you to identify which campaign is giving maximum results and which one failed. In terms of Digital Google Analytics one of the easiest plaform to understand your audience

  • How do you craft your media plan?

    media plan is crafted basis the combination of the multiple marketing channels offline and online along with the bifurcation of budgets in Brand promotion campaign and Business generation campaigns

  • Why did you choose to become a marketer?

    Marketing is a Dynamic sector which gives an endless opportunity to learn everyday and evolve basis the changing dynamics of the market scenario. Being a Marketer is challenging yet fun

  • What is the current important metric that you are looking to improve via your marketing campaigns?

    Customer retention is the important metric I'm current scenario as under the current circumstances where the new customer aquisition is difficult and lead generation is very unpredictable. Since customer acquisition is one of the strong metric to generate business - the campaigns to retain is primarily the focus through loyalty program, retention bonus or discounting

  • Amidst this Covid-19 World over lockdown situation, what are some of the key priority areas and challenges for your brand?

    since I work with a retail brand, the brand priority is the generate business and maximize the opportunity to retain the customer.. so the key priority is customer retention and maximum lead generation with limited investment in the promotion. Challenge for the brand is walkin and conversion, since customer is scared about getting infected the walkin in the outlet is way too low than a regular business day as compared to last year

  • Business-wise, do you think any benefit in 'work from home'?

    Work From Home doesnot effect as such if you work in a corporate sector where you have your predefined KPI, the tasks needs to be completed. Work From Home improves the productivity of the person as the breaks and distractions while working is very limited, person can perform much better at home, as the energy is focused in work

  • What is more important for a startup - branding or sales?

    as per me it's Sales since you have to manage the expenses, gradually, Branding comes in picture where you start doing branding activities to promote. multiple startups focus on only Branding and ignores the sales, unless you have an investor who is ready for you to splurge in the market. To survive both are important..