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Juhi Chaturvedi started her career as a freelance illustrator with The Times of India Lucknow edition. She shifted to Delhi in 1996, when she joined advertising with Ogilvy & Mather as an art director. In 1999, she moved to the Mumbai office of the agency. In 2008, she joined McCann followed by Bates in Mumbai, where she was a creative director. She worked with director Shoojit Sircar on ad films for brands like Titan watches and Saffola. She also wrote the dialogues for Shoebite, Sircar's second film, which had Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role, which later got canceled. She wrote successful scripts for the films Vicky Donor and Piku.

Connect with Juhi Chaturvedi's life

  • How was it like making the transition from advertising to film?
  • What are the kind of jobs one should look at before getting a start? Should one assist writers on TV shows?
  • What should one do after writing a script?
  • Before sending out your first script what are the basic points one should keep in mind. For example, learning how to format a script, etc
  • How do you set up a meeting with a studio to pitch a script? Is it wise to send a text/try cold calling, or do studios have an organized system for submissions?
  • Should one send an entire script or just a brief to producers/studios?
  • You've also largely worked with one filmmaker, Shoojit Sircar. How does your collaboration with him work? Do you bounce ideas off of each other or how does the scriptwriting work?
  • What’s the one movie or book that has influenced you most? Is there a screenwriting book that you turn to?
  • Is there a film you return to, that you absolutely love to watch, just for its screenplay?
  • Which film for you was the most difficult to write and why?
  • When you write a script, how do you decide what to hold back? Is it intuitive or do you have a screen motto that you kind of follow by any chance?
  • Is it necessary to go to film school for scriptwriting?
  • Which are the best books on screenwriting you recommend?
  • Since writing is a solitary art, how does one maintain discipline? Is it necessary to write a little every day?

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