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  • Having taken the position of a director across several businesses, what would be your most important piece of advice for women who want to make it to the boardroom seats?
  • Over the past decade HR roles have changed from being generalists to specialists, what are those few new roles that you feel will be the next big hunts in the HR industry?
  • AI is here to change the face of talent acquisition, what role do you see technology is playing in most functions of HR, and are we prepared for this change?
  • Working across geographies brings in cultural differences and requires adaptations at several points. Please share what were some aspects that became roadblocks in managing talent acquisition across cultures and geographies, what measures were taken to cross the barriers?
  • Employee engagement is becoming critically important for every organization. From a leadership perspective what strategies make a significant difference in building a workforce that is engaged?
  • Learning and development have undergone a sea change in the last decade. With microlearning becoming the new norm, and the learner taking the center seat, please comment on what changes should the L&D leaders invest into?
  • Performance management has been an age-old responsibility of the HR function, with pulse surveys and regular feedback systems, do you feel the normal curve will see the doors. Do we have another model that can sustain this important function for mid-size and larger organizations as well as multiple generations alike?

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