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  • Do you always want to be an underrated actor?

    I always say think twice before you ask for something.When i was doing my first film i was not a part of the big star industry and i had got a big opportunity. Gradually i got challenging roles and evolved as an actor over a period of time.

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  • Even after all these years you still exude the same energy. How do you keep yourself so fit?

    In 2011, I suffered a spine injury. It made me realise the importance of health in life. I remember people used to advise me all the time to do yoga and all but I never really paid any heed to them. But when I had that injury I finally began to realise my mistake. Since then I have been following a regular fitness routine and the results have been very good. I say this to everyone that discipline with respect to one’s health and fitness is of utmost importance.

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  • How do you choose your roles?

    For me, the script is the most important thing. I like to see what the script has in it for me. Whether it’s offering something that I haven’t done before. Or if it’s offering something that I have done previously but there is a scope to do it differently. It’s important to have a discussion with the director in order to understand the kind of film that it is intended to be. That’s how you say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

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  • You are a leading star of Punjabi cinema. At the same time you have kept on reinventing yourself as a character actor in Hindi films. How do you achieve this fine balance?

    Well, I usually do one Punjabi film in a year and rest of the time is devoted to Hindi films. These are exciting times for Hindi cinema as we are witnessing a lot of interesting directors, refreshing scripts and performance-oriented roles now more than ever before. So when roles like Mukkabaaz or Sahib Biwi Gangster come to you and you work on them, it’s really fulfilling as an actor. When I start my preparations, I like to begin with the script. After reading the script, there are a lot of thoughts that come to you and that’s when you sit with the director and try and understand the vision at large. Subsequently you start discussing the minute details at the scene level and then you break it down even further. Sometimes it is during the shoot itself that you end up understanding the different nuances associated with the character you are playing. Every character has a journey of its own.

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  • It has been well over two decades since ‘Maachis’. How do you reflect upon your journey as an actor?

    I am having a great time doing all kinds of roles. A lot of the times people compliment that I have carved out a niche of my own, that I have managed to steer clear of getting myself slotted in any category. I just hope that I keep on getting these interesting roles and this journey continues like it has for the last many years. I think one should keep on trying new things from time to time. I still tell people that I am busy preparing my profile. Maybe one day I will bump into some producer or director whom I can show what all I have done in my career and what else can be explored.

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