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An iconic singer of ghazals, Jagjit Singh is popularly known as the King of Ghazals. He has sung in numerous languages, and was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2003.

Connect with Jagjit Singh's life

  • What’s the difference between the new-age ghazal that you pioneered and the old-age ghazal?
  • Would you say that you are a naturally talented singer whom the world was just waiting to discover?
  • You come from an ordinary middle class family that had a little exposure to urban life. How come you grew out of this background?
  • Were you given any formal training in music as such?
  • However even at that stage, did you seriously want to make a career out of singing so that you could earn enough Money and fame?
  • Did you come to Mumbai with no money like many others of your generation who went on to become big stars?
  • Weren’t your big dreams shattered by doing such small jobs?
  • Did you meet Chitra while doing the jingles?
  • You always say Unforgettables was the turning point of your career. What exactly happened after that?
  • What’s so special about your Dubai- concert?
  • What do you feel about the audience world over?
  • What qualities do you look for in the poetry before choosing a ghazal for a musical composition?
  • Why did you choose ghazal as your musical genre – particularly at a time when playback singing was a more lucrative option?
  • Now that you have achieved so much, what more do you want to achieve?
  • What made you turn a sahajdhari and cut off your hair and beard when you are born to a Sikh family?
  • The tragic death of your only son in an accident is said to have devastated both Chitra and you. How did you cope?
  • Radio stations hardly play ghazals. Did you ever think of raising this issue with them?
  • Ghazal singers are gradually moving to performing live, why don’t they come with albums more frequently?
  • Radio industry experts reason this out by saying private FM channels are dedicated only to music that appeals to masses and that ghazal is not mass. How would you answer that?
  • What qualities do you look for in a poem before choosing a ghazal for a musical composition?
  • आपने गालिब, निदा फाजली और गुलजार को लगातार गाया है। आपका फेवरेट शायर कौन है?
  • इधर फिल्मों में गीत व संगीत दोनों की क्वालिटी लगातार गिरती जा रही है। आजकल के लोकप्रिय गानों के बारे में आप क्या सोचते हें?
  • What are the vital points you consider while choosing to sing a ghazal?
  • Ghazal singing has become a fad now. What is your view?
  • Who is to be blamed for the fading of Ghazals?
  • How does a video album of a cassette help the singer?
  • You started singing in the late 50s. How has the face of music changed since then?
  • As ghazals were popular only amongst select audiences during the times you sang, did you think you would be successful?
  • We see a new pop singer or a bhangra singer in the music scene everyday. Why don’t we get to see ghazal singers that often?
  • Among the new ghazal singers, who in your opinion would be able to follow in your footsteps in the field of ghazal singing?
  • You have worked with lyricists like Javed Akhtar, Gulzar and a variety of other lyricists. According to you, whom did you best get along with?
  • What makes a good ghazal singer?
  • Does one necessarily have to be a ghazal lover to understand ghazals? In your opinion, why is the youth of today a bit more inclined towards other forms of music?
  • Apart from the depth and wording of lyrics, upon what criteria did you choose the album for which you sang?
  • Which are your top 5 favourite ghazals?
  • What would you say has been your most memorable moment in your career of more than 40 years?
  • For how many hours would you riyaz in a day?
  • Have you ever got any acting offers?
  • Have you tried with Pop genre of music in your young days?

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