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  • Have people told you that your films have changed their lives?
  • Has it happened the other way, where a fan anecdote has left you introspecting as a filmmaker?
  • You’ve seen highs with films like Jab We Met and lows with others like Jab Harry Met Sejal. How do you handle the crests and troughs?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • While writing a film, do you get inspired by your own life or is it mostly observation?
  • There is always a profound and philosophical touch in all of your films. What drives your vision as a storyteller?
  • Your movies showcase characters on a particular journey. As a filmmaker, what do you discover about yourself before, during and after a project?
  • The films often showcase two damaged souls attempting to heal each other through a journey. How much of this is drawn from your personal life?
  • It is admirable to see the prominent referencing of Rumi in your work. What role do his ideologies and words play in your life?
  • Punjab seems to form pivotal backdrops in your films. Why is that?
  • Tamasha initially seemed like a typical Bollywood love story whilst Laila Majnu’s story is legendary. How do you present a fresh angle in the conventional stories each time?
  • From Abhay Deol to Sara Ali Khan, you’ve worked with several newcomers over the years. How challenging is it to mould new actors?
  • How do you think the Bollywood industry needs to change given the changing times?
  • A lot of promising directors have lost their way to the lure of big banners. Aren’t you afraid of compromises, now that you are a established name?
  • You are rightly called the 'romantic movies king'. Do you like this title that has been given to you?
  • When a film does not do well. Does the criticism affect you as a writer, producer or director?

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