Hitesh Sharma

Yoga instructor.

  • When did you start doing Yoga?

    I started doing yoga when I was 14 years old.

  • How do you maintain you balance in different poses?

    Simple with abhyasa that's practice.

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

    Work sincerely, grow myself and benefit others. Future noone knows just work hard and it paysoff one day.

  • Do you practice it every day? How do you incorporate it in your routine?

    Actually, I made yoga as my career. So while I teach yoga to someone I also practice by myself and yoga should be done regularly to get benefitted.

  • What are some strict rules you follow while practising yoga?

    I follow the different principles of yoga.

  • Which Asana is your favourite and why?

    padahastasana, because it teaches to bow down in front of elders and respect every living being.

  • How do you think yoga helps you throughout the day?

    Yoga itself is a lifestyle, where yamas and niyamas let you know about the self and social conducts or restraints, asanas keeps your body and mind active, pranayama calms down your mind which helps you work smoothly and purifies your energy channels known as nadis. First practice this, remaining part i'll let you know when you start practicing and realize what it actually does.

  • Who is your favourite yogi or who inspires you?

    my favourite yogi is one of my teacher who follows yoga even in this modern era. He's an inspiration to me. Being into this field for last 40 years and following the limbs of yoga especially yamas and niyamas is a very difficult task.

  • How important is flexibility in yoga?

    According to traditional yoga, asana means "to sit". asanas are just a prepractice before pranayama, which helps you sit for a longer time without moving. So for me flexibilty matters but not more than pranayama and meditation.

  • What diet do you follow to stay healthy?

    sattvik or can say mitahara. In simple way I would say heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner.

  • Which is more important, meditation or asanas?

    Meditation is always more important than asanas but for reaching stage of meditation you've to be a practitioner of asanas which means "to sit". and for doing meditation for a longer time we've to remain seated wothout any movements.

  • Is there a correct way to breathe during asanas? What if I don't focus on my breathing?

    I would suggest not to focus on breath while performing asanas because when we perform asanas we should have focus on the body part or organ which is getting benefitted with the posture and for breath we already have pranayama.

  • Are there certain health conditions for which yoga could do more harm than help?

    Yoga can do no harm until and unless we know the benefits and limitation of the practice especially in asanas and pranayama.