Guru Randhawa Curated

Indian Singer, Songwriter and Music Composer


  • Would you please sing us a few lines from your new song?

  • Which song do you think has been the turning point in your career?

  • How do you feel while performing in concerts?

  • There is a trend in Punjab, where singers act as well. Have you ever come across any such type of offers till now?

  • What do you think about remixing old songs?

  • There was a time you used to sing at weddings and functions. Did you ever feel humiliated by the environment?

  • You had to struggle a lot to establish yourself, what was the journey like?

  • You hold an MBA degree, why did you not pursue the field any further and choose to carry on with music?

  • You have achieved a considerable amount of success and fame so quickly, how to you look at this?

  • What was your thought process behind this song ?

  • Your new song 'Surma Surma' is a big hit, how do you feel about it?

  • From Suit Suit Karda to now collaborating with such International stars, how Guru Randhawa is feeling about his success?

    "It’s been great yaar. I feel like once you start doing something you love, and once people start accepting what you are doing, then there is no looking back. And that is what I am doing too. I have been singing since so long, and people are still listening to it with so much love, I feel I should give them more such music for them to listen to."

  • Before I say goodbye, tell us one GOLDEN mantra for all the aspiring singers.

    You know I would want to say one thing to all the aspiring singers and that is, stay focused on the work and don't let the glamour affect your goals. Don't think whether you will be successful or not, just keep working hard.

  • Tell us about your upcoming endeavours.

    I am trying to do different genres and also planning to tap into international markets.

  • I shouldn't be asking that but all your female fans want to know if you are committed or not.

    Yes, I am committed but to my music.

  • I would love to take you back in your journey and want to know what was your first salary?

    I don't really remember but it was maybe Rs 10 or 20 when I used to sing in my village, when I was young.

  • What's your take on the recent trend of remixing of the iconic songs?

    I don't do remixes at all as I have always tried attempting original songs only. I don't find this part of the industry very exciting. People who like it, they do it but for me, I believe in the concept of the new music. I feel somewhere you take the essence of those iconic songs.

  • Do you feel there is competition in the music industry?

    I think competition is when we all are singing in the same genre, for example, everyone is singing Suit Suit, then you would have competition or else not. This is what I think.

  • How was your experience of working with Nushrat Bharucha?

    She is a very energetic and a well-trained actor. We don't see such talented actors like her much often, and she has done well in the song.

  • Today, your song Ishq Tera has released and is doing well on YouTube. What was the basic idea behind it?

    The basic idea was derived from our routine life. When you remember your school and college days, you relive the time in your memories and think about when you first had a crush on someone. I am just hoping that the audience like the song.

  • Guru, you have achieved a platform which every singer or an artist dreams of. You have become the most viewed singer on YouTube, how does it feel?

    It's quite overwhelming and it feels as if you get to sip on tea while it's raining outside. I felt there were no struggles as such and it was quite smooth for me as I believed in doing hard work, and I guess it's paying me off.

  • You are a YouTube sensation, so what tips would you want to give to the people aspiring to make their space on the social media platform?

    Firstly, be consistent with the work that you are doing. Secondly, the content should be relatable. The third tip that I would want to give is that be honest to yourself and your creation. Last but not least, I would say, keep on your toes and believe in hard work. Don't use any shortcut to fame.

  • You have a crazy fan following across the globe. However, there are some times when people cross a line. What are your thoughts on that?

    My fans love me. They go crazy whenever I meet them. There is nothing like crossing the line. It is just that they love me more sometimes.

  • You are often one-man show when it comes to your songs – you compose, write and also sing. What amongst them all appeals the most to you?

    I always concentrate on the mp3 part of it. If the people do not like the music part of the song then do anything it would not work. People would watch the videos only once or twice. At the end of the day, people listen to music. Video is just one of the pillars of the song. For the song to work, the music should be good. I work more on the melody. Melody is the king, it stays forever. People forget the lyrics of the song but they would keep on humming the tune because that is what stays.

  • How was your experience being a part of ‘Saaho’?

    It was a big project and everybody wanted to be part of it. I am glad I got the opportunity to be part of the team. It is part of the journey. You get to know more about different cultures of India and through this song, I have learned how I can be part of all the good work we are doing in India as far as music is concerned.

  • You will be debuting as a producer in a Punjabi film. Tell us something about it.

    You get to know more about the industry. I always wanted to be part of the industry and I have become one through my music. As a producer, it is more challenging. You get to work more, think more and take more risks in life. It is not about more money, it is more opportunities. It is about working with a more beautiful set of people. My first film as a producer in Punjabi is releasing on October 11. I have liked the script of the film and the film has turned out exactly the way the director had told me it would. So I am really happy and looking forward to it.

  • Lately, a lot of classic Hindi songs are being recreated in movies. What is your take on this?

    I don’t appreciate the recreations of old songs. I feel, as a young musician or artist or lyricist, we should do new songs. Those who are doing it might like it. I believe this is a new generation and people expect new things from you. I like walking with time and not back in time.

  • Do you have any acting aspirations?

    I have been getting acting offers from past few years but I don’t think I would be considering it. I love singing more. But I would be doing more character-based songs in my upcoming projects.

  • How is ‘Tera Ishq’ different from the other music videos you have featured in?

    My previous music videos have always been about showing off swag and posing stylishly while in this one, I have a character to play and there is story-telling involved. It is a character-based song.

  • How was your experience working with actress Nushrat Bharucha in ‘Tera Ishq’?

    Nushrat Bharucha is a good actress. We wanted someone who could pull off the character in the song. She has done it very nicely. I am very poor at acting so she also taught me to act. It is a new thing for me also to have a storyline in my song and I am playing some character.

  • The story of your success is remarkable. As an artist, tell us about the hard work that went into it — the non-glamorous things that no one talks about.

    If you are an artist, you have to work hard and I did too. Because of that, we are where we are and going ahead, it is all going to be the result of our hard work only.

  • How does it feel to be on the cover of Rolling Stone India, and how was the experience of shooting with us?

    I’m honored to be part of such a great magazine. It was wonderful shooting the cover and everything was done well. Thank you for having me on the cover.

  • Tell us more about the team behind Guru Randhawa and their part in your journey. How important is it to have a great team (management + PR + social media) for an artist? Would you have come this far without their support?

    I think without a good team nothing is possible, an artist can’t even step out of the house. A true team takes an artist to great heights and stays with you along the journey. The team is everything. The rest is all air.

  • What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing?

    I think life motivates me, the sun motivates me, the moon motivates me. Everyday they rise and set. The same way we have to rise and keep working each day.

  • The Hindi music industry/Bollywood has a lot to learn from the Punjabi pop industry. What is it about the Punjabi music scene that it became so big and lucrative?

    Punjabi music has always been big and will always be. Bollywood doesn’t need Punjabi music nor Punjabi music needs Bollywood. But when the two come together, they support each other and make it bigger. Independently they both are big in their own space and have always been.

  • What are the biggest challenges you’re facing as an artist today? When a certain style of song by you becomes very popular, do you feel the pressure from people (fans or your label) to replicate the same styles?

    There is no challenge as an artist for me. Even before, there was no pressure and after becoming a hit, there’s definitely not. After becoming a hit, one should be happy and not pressurized. Even if you are not a hit, there shouldn’t be pressure. Either way, you can still create more art, more music that might rule people’s heart, so there is no pressure ever.

  • How was the experience at Milan Fashion Week? What were the biggest highlights for you?

    It was my first time at MFW and I loved it. I’m thankful to Fila India for making me a part of it. I got to learn and explore so many new things on my trip there. It was a beautiful experience.

  • Tell us about the role that social media has played in contributing to your success. Can an artist today afford to ignore social media?

    Yes, if an artist chooses not to be on social media, it is fine. The artist’s talent speaks louder. Their art sells and if their art is selling well, they don’t really need social media. There are so many examples where people don’t use social media. Some use social media as a medium to promote their art. Even if you are not on social media and your art is doing wonders, you are a bonafide superstar and you don’t necessarily need social media as such.

  • In the digital age, there is space for every kind of artist but there is clutter on the Internet also. Do you think artists today have a lower chance to get discovered than in the Nineties?

    I think this question is wrong as today it’s easier for an artist to get discovered because of so many mediums. You can showcase your talent and easily approach directors, producers, composers and audiences. Back in the Nineties, there were fewer mediums besides radio and TV and the access was tough. But today, you can upload a video and become a superstar overnight.

  • Your songs do well independently as well as when they’re in Bollywood soundtracks. Both mediums have given you immense reach but which medium do you prefer and why?

    I think being in India, Bollywood is the ultimate goal for every music artist. But if you started out as an independent artist, you would definitely like to continue making independent music. However, Bollywood gives you more reach and penetrates through each street in India. Both are equally important to me, but personally, I enjoy making independent music.

  • Would he ever like to act in movies?

  • Who is his most favorite Actor?

  • Who is his first Celebrity Crush?

  • What is that one thing about him that most people don't know?

  • What song does he sing the most while he is in the shower?

  • Which book is he currently reading?

  • Has a girl ever cheated on him?

  • Which is the one quality that he would like to steal from these singers?

  • In a Party, on what songs would he like to dance with these celebrities?

  • What would he want his nickname to be if he could choose it?

  • Whom would he approach for advice on Relationships?

  • Whom would he approach for advice on music?

  • If he were not in the music industry, what would he do instead?

  • How does he feel when his super hit songs like ‘Lahore’ are used in the movies, like it was used in Street Dancer?

  • Guru is usually a calm person. Do incidents like the one when he was once assaulted while performing in Canada affect him?

  • In most of his videos, he has shot in foreign locales. Does he think shooting in an Indian backdrop this time will help him in any way ?

  • How does the feeling of love inspires him to write?

  • In a scene from the video, Guru looks at Larissa very fondly, does he have the same sentiments for her in real life?

  • How was the Model Larissa Bonesi cast in the music video ?

  • He multitasks between singing, writing, and composing a song. How does he manage, is it the same for international singers?

  • Who came up with the idea for the song 'Surma Surma' ?

  • What is the secret behind his success ?