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  • What is the importance of Digital Marketing in your current profile?

    Let me tell you about the company, I have just founded and that will answer this question. Its called DAUWAU Global where DAUWAU stands for Daily Active Users Weekly Active Users — which are the most important metrices for any Internet Business. Therefore I eat, drink and think Digital and help organisations realise the power of Digital Marketing. If they are Large of Mid Sized Organisations, that have been around for a while — then the opportunity is in Digital Transformation. If they are startups, then the aim is to help them scale up. Both on the Audience and Revenue front.

  • Is it a good approach to attempt the questions I am unsure about?

    which section - verbal, lrdi, quant?

  • What should I do if a fellow candidate doesn't let me talk during the GD?

    you can cut or stop him with a gentle request for ex - if you agree with him or her then Yes i agree with you but i want to add some points. If you don’t agree with him or her then - No it’s not the valid point and so on. If he or she still tries to cut you then say let me complete please then i will love to hear or listen your point as well. P.S - Use his or her name directly it’s more effective. In GD’s mainly names are mentioned in front of them.

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