Gaurav Chopra

Renowned music director.

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  • Do you play your own songs at home?

    only karaoke

  • Do you like to sing live or in a studio?

    live and studio both

  • Who is your favorite singer?

    arijit sonu rafi kishore list is endless but love 90s Bollywood

  • What is on your playlist?

    retro metro bollywood songs

  • What has been your success mantra?

    live and let live ....njoy

  • Was singing always your passion or it just happened?

    just happend

  • Was it a dream to make singing your profession?


  • Is it important to start training or riaz at an early age?

    yes I have not done it so repent

  • What are the instruments that you play?

    whistle and shakers only ahhah

  • Who would you credit your success to?

    parents and listeners

  • What is the key to living a happy and joyous life?

    live and let live

  • What do you do when you are not recording or composing?

    working from home

  • Did you start singing at an early age?


  • Is there a song that you have been most satisfied singing?

    tu nazm nazm

  • Did you ever imagine that you would make it big with singing?

  • Which actor do you love lending your voice to?


  • You are an inspirational figure for many aspiring singers. Tell us who inspires you.

    successful people

  • Any memorable incidents with a fan that you remember?


  • In times when you can't sing, what do you do?

    work for an ad agency into events

  • What is best way to put out your singing to the world?


  • How did your parents react when you told them that you wanted to be a singer?

    they still dont want me to become one

  • Are you asked to sing at family gatherings?


  • Do you have some special tips for aspiring singers?

    keep singing even if it's bad dont feel bad