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  • What's going to be your focus area in 2020? Last year saw the rapid expansion of Oyo across the globe. What's the strategy for this year?
  • What was the idea behind the recent video by Knox Artiste? Please share the insight that led to the conceptualization of this campaign.
  • How was the final product created?
  • App Installs is a major objective for app-based businesses. How effective has digital marketing been in this sense?
  • A lot has been said about the importance of tech innovations in marketing. What kind of innovations have you seen performing well in the service sector?
  • What are the 3 marketing trends you foresee for 2020?
  • How do you approach your marketing strategy?
  • How do you see advertising and marketing trends evolving in 2020?
  • Do you plan to increase your marketing budget in 2020 given that the competition is intensifying?
  • Which medium is going to be the core of your advertising plan this year?
  • What's the brand's outlook in the next three years?
  • Social media and consumer behaviour are changing the dynamics of marketing faster than ever. How do you keep up with the changing trends?
  • Since its inception to now, what kind of role has marketing played in creating awareness around the brand services, especially in the initial years when online hotel booking was still restricted to certain TG?
  • Given the sector that the brand belongs to, CRM is a very important aspect, especially on social media where a single complaint has the potential of going viral. What kind of CRM mechanism do you have in place for the same?

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