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Renouncing his corporate career at Hewlett-Packard, Gaur Gopal Das has become an eminent motivational speaker and life coach. An active member of ISKCON, he delivers talks in prestigious institutions around the world. Gaur Gopal Das is also an author.

Connect with Gaur Gopal Das's life

  • Could you give a background about yourself and why you chose this path as a motivational speaker?
  • You emphasised on fixing people and the importance of helping those who have many troubles and issues themselves. How do you really fix a person?
  • What are your principles in life?
  • You give many motivational speeches, how do you get people engaged in your teachings?
  • How do you create happiness within an organisation or work place?
  • How do your teachings and workshops help employees of various organisations and institutions?
  • Tell us about your moment of transformation from an electrical engineer to monk?
  • It’s easy to say, but hard to apply: How do we remember to live a quality life?
  • Today, 1 in 13 people struggles with anxiety and depression globally. How can people achieve a spiritual balance?
  • People nowadays mainly struggle to find their purpose. How can they find their inner purpose?
  • Life’s Amazing Secrets

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