Ganesh Suryanarayanan

CTO, Co-founder Myelin Foundry

  • What are some of the mistakes you wish you’ve avoided?

    great question.. just as an aside, in life, you do get several recurring opportunities, so you do get a chance to rectify 'mistakes' :) however, to answer your question - when I started my career, I thought cool tech ran the world, and sales/marketing didn't matter.. this was a mistake - tech enables business and needs, not the other way around. another mistake was not to always have 2 focuii- the big picture and keep asking "Why/why not.." and the smaller focus of linking your work to the big picture

  • Do you like following a daily regular routine? How important is discipline ?

    Absolutely. Daily discipline leads to consistency and endurance. As a runner, I can tell you that it's the long distance endurance that counts finally.. And having a daily, regular schedule that you commit to is critical for long term success

  • What is the ideology behind your company?

    Myelin Foundry was created with a vision to transform audio visual experiences on the edge using cutting edge AI on unstructured data such as video, voice, text, sensor data

  • How should one deal with competition ?

    As a given and validation of your product's USP. Try to not focus on competition, focus on your blue ocean strategy and deliver on that

  • What different circumstances you faced in your childhood you think that helped you in this journey?

    my father was in the Indian Railways - that meant changing one's location every 2-3 years.. as a child growing up, I learnt to adapt to new situations, new environments quickly and accept the new normal as quickly and smoothly as possible. Such a l viewpoint is critical for an entrepreneur, where the only constant is change and one better accept it quickly!

  • What do you fear the most as an entrepreneur?

    the fear of not being able to scale the product

  • How should an entrepreneur handle failure?

    by learning to fail fast, learn and fail fast again! and accepting that quickly!

  • How did you receive your initial funding?

    initial seed came from Friends and Family, then from a VC that believed in us very early on.

  • How was your experience with your first job?

    it was a very limited role as a vlsi circuit designer in a very large semiconductor company in San Jose. Felt like a cog in a very large gear with no visibility of the larger picture. that first job made me realize the need to always ask Why/why not and get the big picture whatever the current role is