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About Elton John Fernandez

India's first professional YouTube channel run by an independent beauty professional, Mumbai-based make-up artist & hair stylist, Elton John Fernandez. He is Maybelline's spokesperson for India.

Connect with Elton John Fernandez's life

  • How did you come up with the idea of creating a YouTube Channel?
  • Do you hire a team before every video that you shoot?
  • How much do you spend on each video?
  • What are 10 beauty myths according to you?
  • You are India’s first make up professional to set up your own beauty channel. What inspired you to start a personal channel of your own?
  • In what way are you trying to alter the deep-rooted perceptions about skin colour and beauty?
  • For all the aspiring makeup artists out there, what are a few things you suggest they do in order to be successful in their career?
  • How easy is “instant styling” when it comes to makeup and hair?
  • Whose style inspires you the most as an artist?
  • Who has been your favourite celebrity client/which has been the best photo shoot you’ve ever worked on?

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