Dj Kave

DJ | Turntablist | DJ COACH

  • How do you mix the music?

    we can mix pre-recorded music using a DJ software, if it’s for a live purpose like making people dance at an event or social gathering. In the case of mixing music in terms of music production we can do that by using a DAW software and help compose, program and mix original musics

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

    I don’t have to wake up early anymore :)

  • What role did your educational background play in your career?

    I have a diploma in sound engineering, yes it’s given me an extra advantage.

  • How much does it cost to start DJing?

  • What are the 3 things every successful disco-jockey must-have?

    a great personality, a good outlook and a willingness to learn and evolve.

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

  • Describe a typical day at work for you?

  • What's the advice you would like to give to an aspiring disco-jockey?

  • How did you rise in your role as a disco-jockey, what career hacks can you share?

  • What is your biggest concern at your job? How do you manage it?

    Sleep patterns. I make sure I sleep 8 to 10 hours a day after my show so I can recover. quality sleep, rest and recovery is important if someone wants to succeed in the long run.

  • Is DJing a good career?

    Yes! if you are willing to wait at least 3 years, it’s all about persistence like any artform.

  • What’s the average DJ salary?

    Well, now that would depend purely on the DJ’s reputation, an average salary for a DJ working as an employee in a nightclub in India might be around one lakh. A reputed freelancer can paid more in most cases which could be around 4 lakhs per month.’

  • Do you use party props?

    Yes, all the time! sometimes it can be crazy huge things like a colourful dancing elephant prop or dope 3D visuals on stage with me or sometimes small and subtle like wearing a light up customised mask! :)

  • What are the different kinds of DJs?

    1) Battle DJ’s : The who make a living out of participating in DJ competition like DMC, IDA, Redbull Threestyle. 2) Resident club DJ: The one who is more of a employee or a contract holder of a nightclub and makes sure that the place has good music playing out almost every day and gets paid monthly or according to his/her contract terms. Mobile DJ’s: The freelancer who mostly plays out at wedding’s and private events and social gatherings. The Turntablist: The musician who creates music from a DJ equipment and treats it more like a instrument rather than a device to just play music. The producer DJ: The one who makes original tracks and becomes really famous and plays out a huge concerts.

  • What are the biggest struggles of a DJ?

    firstly it’s finding a good mentor and the next is getting good exposure.

  • What made you interested in becoming a DJ ?

    I heard the sound of scratch and that’s what got me into the world of DJ’ing. It all began when I saw DJ Q-Bert and DJ Bally Sagoo on TV.

  • How would you define your “style” or approach to providing DJ entertainment?

    I’m a people pleaser when it comes to my performance style.

  • What is the best DJ controller?

    Pioneer DDJ -1000