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Deepinder Goyal is the founder and CEO of Zomato, India's number one restaurant finder and reviewing website. An IIT graduate and a management consultant by profession, he was inspired by the demand for menus at his workplace to create a restaurant database.

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  • If you have to look back at your journey so far, where are you on the highway of entrepreneurship right now?
  • With your 3 millionth mark of orders in a month, what are the challenges you still face to cover up those gap to make them your sales?
  • But don’t you think that this is something unsolvable as people will complain about the food qualities or delivery services?
  • Taking consideration about the investment in your Zomato platform, is it real for not being able to raise funds due to tersm which was difficult to negotiate with?Taking consideration about the investment in your Zomato platform, is it real for not being able to raise funds due to terms which was difficult to negotiate with?
  • What are your considerations on a business which earns alot of profit?
  • Was it very tough for you as the chairman to write a letter to your sales team about their salary payment?
  • Initially Zomato wasn’t able to earn profit in it’s operation than that of today being able to cover up the break even point and so being close to earn profit. What tactics have you applied to earn profit from then onward?
  • Was it also because of quick expansion in abroad markets that your revenues could not be met up?
  • So does that mean when TinyOwl has imploded on your business work, your company started to have negative impression upon the customer about your organisation?
  • Now that you have been able to get the break even point for your business and now targeting to achoeve more profit through diversified abroad markets, are you now looking to target more in other countries?
  • India has been your base market with the HQ over here. And Where else you take it as your home other than India?
  • So looking at the increase in competition, do you think Swiggy or Food Panda are your biggest rival in these two locations especially?
  • With so much of work and disturbance in your office, have you ever lost the grip of focusing more in your work especially for the Indian Market?
  • How supportive have your investors been to the Zomato operations?
  • So, with your business touching the profitability path after earning the break even point, are you sure that now the steps taken for the next six months will more profitability happen?
  • You have lost certain very important market in the Indian economy itself. Why is it so that you couldn’t focus more on these places?
  • Will you still accept that Zomato is having the best in-class food ordering and delivering services in the country?
  • Zomato does not possess alot of infrastructure asset as it’s own. Why is it that you are not in focusing in opening your own restaurant?
  • You have a 25,000 restaurants tie up with you as an ordering platform, don’t you think it’s a lot for a database to be stored and to be updated daily?
  • So now you are now wanting to compete with the Shanghai restaurant market in terms of market share?
  • Tell us one thing,how do you monetise from your business operations?
  • You have worked in the Indian Market for a eight years especially full-time. What are your perception that will the food ordering market expand?
  • How tough is it for you as to what and where should you organise your work routine?
  • Is there something more to Zomato you want to add in your business process?
  • Okay, so revenue earned between one million and 100 million dollar. What has been different then and now?
  • With the Co-founder of the company quitting the company on March 2018, how was the experience working with him?
  • We found out that Zomato was formed about a decade ago. And that a 100 million mark in terms of revenue you earned up by 2017-2018. What had made it possible to come up to this level?
  • Zomato to introduce tamper-proof tapes to prevent further ‘human error’ incidents
  • How Deepinder Goyal founded a $2.5 billion foodtech business
  • Zomato enters experiential events segment

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