Deepak Dhanotiya

Founder at Shopkirana

  • .What are your thoughts on the current education system and why most of the famous Entrepreneurs are drop-outs?

    versus making people independent education system should should teach anx make people ready for the fact that how.many people can be dependent on YOU

  • What is the most important aspect to consider while hiring talent?

    commitment and capability

  • Do you like following a daily regular routine? How important is discipline ?

    regular work will need regular routine. if you are stuck or need to finish things routine may not help

  • How should one deal with competition ?

    close intelligence on compitition should be clear on your strengths and hidden strategies for aquisition retention coat revenue and growth

  • What do you fear the most as an entrepreneur?

    losing opportunity and key people

  • How do you choose your investors?

    Usually they choose us :) anyway he should have dreams inline with what you have for key investors else they should be silent and wait for.returns

  • What are three things that you have learned as an entrepreneur?

    people management and innovative solution

  • What are the struggles that you faced in your early days?

    buiding team system and processes

  • What made you become an entrepreneur?

    learn more and doing somerhing bigger and impactful

  • How important is it to develop the right culture in your company ?

    most important