David Hockney Curated

English painter & photographer.


  • After your one man show, you have caught a lot of attention from both the critics and the audience. Why do you think you have been popular?

  • How good do you think you are as an artist?

  • What is your opinion on Photoshop?

  • Can the world crisis be a distraction or a boon to inspiration?

  • Will you embrace technology in your work in future?

  • How did you shoot your mosaic series that is pearl blossom highway?

  • Is there any painting or series made which you wish you had not exhibited?

  • When you are painting are you describing your world or inventing a world of your own?

  • Is abstraction and depiction the same thing or very different?

  • Your latest painting that is called “the very new painting”, what is so new in that?

  • You have published a book on painting, a sort of autobiography. Is this the time in your life you feel like looking back?

  • You say you live for now, but what have you learnt as life goes on?

  • When you were a child did you know what an artist is?

  • Are you a non conformist by nature?

  • In 60’s when you were at Royal College of Art, was that an exciting time for you to be there ass a student?

  • You were successful very early, was that nice?

  • When you paint, do you paint everyday?

  • How many hours can you paint for at a stretch?

  • When you are looking at a painting, what are you looking for?

  • What kind of painters do you admire?

  • What do painters learn from photography?

  • Is painting a lonely activity?

  • Much of your life you have worked at theatre. What’s your appeal to design at theatre?

  • Could you have accomplished the same thing had you been closer to your home?

  • How do you choose your subject for painting?

  • When you first encountered the iphone, did you immediately see its potential as a medium for your art?

  • As an artist did it not frustrate you to work on the small screen of iphone?

  • Would you compare painting on iphone with finger painting?

  • How do you think invention of ipad is changing the world of artist and others?

  • Is it tempting for you to think what Van Gogh would have thought of your work?

  • Share your thoughts on optimism?

    The world is very, very beautiful if you look at it. But most people don’t look very much. They scan the ground in front of them so they can walk, but they don’t really look at things incredibly well, with intensity. I do, and I’ve always known that.