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About Daniel Bauer

Vogue Makeup Artist of the Year, Daniel Bauer is regarded as one of Mumbai's top Celebrity Makeup and Hair artists across India. He is also the brand ambassador for Lakme & Tresemme.

Connect with Daniel Bauer's life

  • Makeup artist Daniel Bauer joins MyGlamm as global makeup director
  • How did you get your start in the industry?
  • How did you transition to working in fashion and film in India?
  • What is one of the biggest faux pas women make?
  • What are the top trends for the season?
  • What was your most iconic look?
  • What has been the most exciting part of this job for you so far?
  • Indian film industry is not known to be a very professional space especially for makeup artists & stylists and wasn’t even a very respected platform for a long time. Why did you move here when you are talented enough to do makeup & hair on a global platform?
  • What is your opinion about bridal makeup?
  • What is the one beauty trick you swear by?
  • What are current bridal beauty trends making the round?
  • At what age did you realize that you were meant for the fashion industry?
  • When did you decide to become a professional Makeup Artist?
  • What advice would you give to young makeup artists who have just begun their careers?
  • What is the Daniel Bauer signature look, a favourite style that sets you apart from the other makeup artists?
  • From working in the fashion industry to working with top actors in Bollywood, how did the transition happen?
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist Daniel Bauer on How to Wear Runway Makeup Trends in Daily Life

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