Damien Hirst Curated

English Artist and Entrepreneur


  • What is the idea behind “In and Out of Love”?

  • Why did you hire someone else to make your paintings?

  • Why did you get an actual shark when you could have just painted it?

  • How do you feel to have confronted death so many times with your work?

  • What brought you to art?

  • How would you describe your work?

  • Is Richard Serra an inspiration for you?

  • What are your belief in art?

  • Do you describe yourself as an artist or sculptor or something else?

  • Do you consider yourself to be a traditional artist?

  • Who are your artistic heroes and why?

  • Is there any evolution you can see taking place within your own presentation?

  • Where does gruesome play a role for you in your art?

  • What do you wish as an artist you had?

  • Is there any kind of new style you would like to embark on ?

  • How did your thought process evolve over a period of time?