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  • Where do you see the light at the end of this COVID-19 crisis?
  • Is the importance of tentpole properties growing for mass genres like Hindi GEC?
  • How has the IPL changed the game for advertisers?
  • Are you satisfied with BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council)?
  • Besides BARC ( Broadcast Audience Search Council), what tools does GroupM use to judge the efficacy of buying?
  • Is geo-targeting a focus area?
  • Are you in favour of an advertisement cap which would reduce clutter?
  • What are your views about fragmentation on TV?
  • How will the return of the IRS (Indian Readership Survey) help print?
  • BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) is coming up with digital measurement? How will it impact digital advertising?
  • What impact have recent advertisers like Patanjali had on the AdEx?
  • 2017 was a difficult year with demonetisation and GST. How did GroupM adapt to the situation?
  • Will we see more rural marketing initiatives done this year (2018)?
  • Three to five years down the road where do you see the Indian Adex?
  • Today with the plethora of media options and platforms available what is the biggest challenge a media buyer faces when it comes to maximising spending efficacy?
  • Digital is growing rapidly. Is it forcing agencies to rethink how they approach the business?
  • How tough is it not to be complacent as an agency?
  • What will be the key growth drivers that drive the AdEx forward this year (2018)?
  • Data hasn’t just changed the CMO’s role, it has disrupted it. CMOs were traditionally communication and campaign-focused, but it has changed now. As an industry expert, what advice would you like to give to budding CMOs on the use of data in marketing?
  • Everyone loves data and digital because it is measurable. Is the lack of uniform third-party measurement in India making agencies and marketers rethink the real impact of their campaigns? And therefore, could marketers be rethinking digital budgets?
  • This is the first time WPP has called for an initiative like 'Date with Data' in India. How do you expect the industry to benefit from this?
  • If we were to quantify the impact of data, how much direct impact the use of data has had on ROI for your clients?
  • Where do you place Google and Facebook? Are they friends or enemies of the advertising community? Is this competition with tech giants healthy for the growth of the industry?
  • In terms of AdEx contribution which medium is expected to grow the fastest?
  • With media buying going programmatic, marketers are taking the job in-house. What is your take on this?.
  • This was the first time that WPP did something like 'Date with Data'. Why did you zero in on India for the summit? What do you intend to achieve through such summits on data?
  • Global giants like Facebook are facing heat over data privacy infringement. While, data is being hailed there is also a flip side to it. How can this be balanced out?
  • How has GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) impacted you?
  • Why did TV growth rates fall last year (2017)?
  • What are your expectations from the draft bill on data privacy tabled in India?
  • What are your future plans for the WPP in India in terms of data and data usage?
  • GroupM acquired global digital agency Essence last year. Why did it take time for it to launch in India?
  • How has digital media performed so far (2016)?
  • Has  traditional  media spend moved to digital (2016)?
  • Mobile is being touted as the next big thing in advertising. How is GroupM beefing up its capabilities for the medium?
  • Are the ad spends on the mobile medium still minuscule (2016)?
  • What are the key challenges that media agencies face?
  • How does TV fare as a medium in terms of ROI compared to print, radio, digital?
  • Any interesting advertising media trends that you can share with us?
  • India is facing a year of near quasi-recession. WPP India has grown in this backdrop nonetheless in 2019. What do you attribute this growth to?
  • When you say marketers are scaling up newer practices, is this an industry wide trend of moving beyond traditional advertising?
  • With the continuous up-gradation of technology, reskilling is becoming an area of prime focus for many companies. What are some of the steps you have taken to create a future-fit workforce?
  • How are you seeing WPP Campus impact individual agencies in the company and the company itself?
  • What do you think led to Mindshare gaining the No 1 spot?
  • What are the key growth drivers for the advertising industry in India in 2016?
  • Does Print still has headroom for growth?
  • Do you see programmatic buying gaining foothold in the TV space as well?
  • Where does India stand as far as contributing to global advertising spends is concerned?
  • In terms of TV genres which of them is expected to do really well in 2018?
  • What are your thoughts on performance of traditional media channels?
  • In 2016, where do you see the ad spends coming from?
  • What is your take on the FTA boom?
  • How is the kids genre expected to fare?

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