Cristiano Ronaldo Curated

Captain, Portuguese Football Team


  • What makes you feel for the field?

  • Would it be a disaster if Madrid don’t win the Champions League?

    Yes, it probably would. But if we win it, it will put the seal on an excellent season, but if you lose, it's a disaster. It's one thing or the other. But I'd prefer to end with a top season. We're going to win the Champions League.

  • Did Benítez teach you how to take free-kicks?

    You can always learn new things from coaches. Some things you can learn and other things you can't. With him, I saw some things which were different to other coaches, but obviously there are things that no one can teach you. You've either got it, or you haven't. You can always take something positive from coaches. I'm not just talking about free-kick taking, how to strike the ball, how to dribble, but that's their kind of thing.

  • Is it true that you take ice baths at three o’clock in the morning?

    It's something I do because it makes me feel good. If I go out with friends and come home, I'll take an ice bath because it makes me feel good.

  • What possibility is there of you going back to Manchester United one day?

    As I say many, many times, the future nobody knows. At this moment I'm so glad and happy here in Real Madrid but the future nobody knows. I will say this answer all the time because the future nobody knows, but I'm good here. I still have a contract with Real Madrid and I'm happy here.

  • What do you think of salah winning the Puska’s 2018?

    Salah deserved to win the Puskas Prize, he scored a nice goal.But let’s be honest, do not lie to us, my goal was the most beautiful.

  • Why Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid?

    I felt within the club, especially from the president, that I was no longer considered in the same way as I was at the beginning, Ronaldo said in an interview with France Football magazine.For the first four or five years, I felt like Cristiano Ronaldo. Less so after.The president looked at me in a way that suggested I was no longer indispensable, if you know what I mean. That is what made me think about leaving.

  • What are Cristiano Ronaldo’s views on his new start with Serie A Champions?

    I had an excellent conversation with president Agnelli before joining and today I’ve had an opportunity to meet my new team-mates and (Massimiliano) Allegri as well.I’m going to start training soon and I would like to play my first match when the Serie A season begins. I can’t wait to get started, I’m really motivated to show that I’m still a top player and we’ll all be fighting for every trophy going.

  • What does Cristiano Ronaldo thinks of Ballon d’Or 2018?

    I said many times, winning a sixth Ballon d'Or is not an obsessionl.And I do not ask the question in these terms. I already know, in my heart of hearts, that I am one of the best players in history.Of course I want to win, this sixth Ballon d'Or. It would be a lie to tell you the opposite. I work for that. As I work to score goals and win games without being an obsession.I think I deserve it.

  • Isn’t that your fault for overdoing it sometimes?

    I like playing. People say to me: ‘Cris, you're not 20…’. It's something I have to learn to do, to tell myself to stop every two or three games.

  • Has Zidane helped you?

    He's clever, he doesn't talk a lot. Those who talk a lot generally don't pay a lot of attention. He's quite a shy man but very positive. I identify with those kinds of people, he's very professional. I hope he wins his first Champions League as a coach and stays at Madrid for the next few years. He hasn't got a great deal of  experience as a coach, but he's doing a good job of finding his way, his own style and I like that.

  • What did you make of Benitez?

    He'd just say: "Right". Sometimes there are things which you cannot debate with another person because they think so differently to you, you just say thanks, and that's all.

  • What were your dreams?

    I was a normal kid who liked to play with the older ones.  I only stopped playing football when my mother called for me to go home.  Those were the happiest moments of my life, because you do things without thinking, you say what you think, you have innocence… and thanks to this childhood which I enjoyed a lot, I was able to achieve my dream of becoming a footballer.  And I’m happy to be one.

  • What is the secret to success?

    I have a very clear and defined opinion on this.  You always have to believe and feel that you can become a footballer, that if you work hard and have ambition, you can get to where you want to be.  We all have an opportunity in life and you have to believe in it.  I started at the age of 12 with Sporting de Lisboa and everything went well for me after that, although I had to leave my family in Madeira and I cried every day.  There were some very complicated moments, but I overcame them because I always believed I could become someone in this life, with the help of my family and the directors in the club.

  • What would you say motivated you to completely transform yourself to become the athlete you are today?

  • How does Cristiano Ronaldo take consious decisions during gameplay?

  • What kind of dreams and hopes you are going for the tournament(World Cup) as the current?

  • What were your legacy do you ever think on and reflect about how people will remember you 20 years from now?

  • What you like most La-Liga or Premier League?

  • Do you see any similarities between Muhammed Salla and you?

  • Did leaving your family at that age leave a mark on you?

    It was a very painful moment.  I left the persons that loved me the most for a different place where no one knew me.  But if I hadn’t gone through this, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.  That’s why I’m also very grateful to my family for not holding me back.

  • If you weren’t a footballer, what would you have been?

    I would have continued my studies, because I stopped studying early on due to football. I wasn’t a bad student, I worked hard.  I wasn’t that kid who wore glasses, you know, but a hardworking kid.  I had to study more than those kids with glasses to learn.  I had to study at home as well.  I would like to continue learning, to take classes.  I stopped studying when I was 16 because I was training with the first team of Sporting de Lisboa and I couldn’t do both.  I would have liked to study marketing.  Or else be a PE teacher.  Something like that. That would require a lot of years of studying.

  • What do you think of Madrid as a city or would you like to stay?

    It’s perfect.  A very great city.  Very comfortable.  I lived in Manchester for many years, so everything outside Manchester for me is…Why not?  It depends on what happens in my life, if I like it here, what happens with Madrid, but if I had to choose right now, I would love to stay here and live.  My family likes it here.  But who knows what will happen in the future.

  • Do you like to sleep a lot?

    No, the normal. At 23:30 or 24h.  Always.  I get up at 08:30h.  I have breakfast at Valdebebas.  It takes 30-40 minutes to drive there.  I have lunch at home, I have someone who cooks for me, and my mom as well.  I usually have dinner at home as well, unless we go out to eat with friends or family at a restaurant, but generally I eat at home.

  • Who is your best friend on the team?

    That’s a good question.  I get along with almost everyone.  If you ask them, they’ll tell you the same thing.  But my closest friends are Pepe, Marcelo and Kaká.  But the relationship with everyone is great.  With Karim, with Diarra, with Sergio, with Iker… The truth is that we have a fantastic group, because everyone is more or less the same age.  We could have formed cliques based on language, but it’s not like that.  It’s true that maybe the Spaniards talk more amongst themselves due to the common language, the jokes, the culture… but we all mix together and do things together, but for the more personal things, I talk about them with those teammates that speak my language.  I get along with everyone.

  • Are you a fan of social networks? You have twitter, no?

    Yes, and Facebook too.  But I have people who… (answer for you).  Yes, but they’re people close to me, such as family.  I know what they write, but I’m not a big fan of social networks, just a little one.

  • What will you do after you retire?

    Pffff… I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it.  I’d like to do many things but it’s still too early to think about that, I still have seven or eight years left.

  • Would you dare to ask Florentino if he will renew Pepe’s contract?

    If I were the president, I would re-sign Pepe tomorrow.  If I see the president, I’ll tease him about it and I’ll tell him, hey, why haven’t you resigned Pepe?  But these are things for the “older” people.

  • Do many people ask you for money?

    Real friends, no.  We receive a lot of letters and people think we’re Santa Claus, but we can’t help everyone.

  • Do you like to read?

    Not a lot.  I do read, but not a lot.  Sometimes I start a book, but if I don’t like it, I toss it aside and I start a new one.  I’m not a big fan, but I do read a bit.

  • When you’re at home, what do you do? Do you read, watch TV, watch movies?

    All of that, and I study English so I don’t lose it and so I can learn some more.

  • Do you watch Barcelona’s games?

    No.  If I’m at home and it’s on, I’ll watch it.  I’m not like, oh Barcelona is playing at eight and I have to watch.  The truth is I don’t watch much football.  I’m a sports fan and I watch other sports:  basketball, ping pong, basketball .

  • Will your son’s future be easy or difficult?

    He’s going to be under a lot of pressure, for being the son of a famous person, who plays in Madrid.  He’ll have to get used to it.  It will be difficult but it’s part of life.

  • Did leaving your family at that age leave a mark on you?

    It was a very painful moment.  I left the persons that loved me the most for a different place where no one knew me.  But if I hadn’t gone through this, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.  That’s why I’m also very grateful to my family for not holding me back.

  • You are in such a cope with being in such young age away from home but still remain focused on your game?

  • In your tough time could you have ever imagined that you are today?

  • Why some top level sport journalist who writes about you still have some negative perceptions of you?

  • Why some top level sport journalist who writes about you still have some negative perceptions of you?

  • Looking at your career, what would you say was your greatest performance?

  • What has been the most disappointing moment of your career?

  • You have played under some amazing football managers. What have you learnt from each of them?

  • What would you say are the main differences between premier league and the laliga?

  • Do you think that you have intense rivalry between you and messi makes you a better player?

  • What is your proudest moment as a footballer?

    I've already had quite a few so it's hard to mention just one. Thanks to God I've had the chance to have great moments with the national team and at club level, so it's very difficult to pick one.

  • What area of your game do you think you need to improve the most?

    I think you can always improve every aspect of your game. I won't single out one area, because I think the most important thing is to always do well and work harder and harder.

  • Did you dream of captaining Portugal? How does it feel now?

    It's something that was always an ambition of mine and it makes me extremely proud. To be captain of my country was a dream from the start.

  • Who was your inspiration growing up?

    When I was younger I played at Sporting, and I always had the ambition to become an international footballer one day. At that time I remember the likes of Rui Costa and Fernando Couto very well. I wanted to play with them, or be part of the selected few and that's what happened.

  • Do you feel you are a better player in this generation than Lionel Messi?

    I'm sure he doesn't like the continuous comparisons with the Argentine wizard, but they are inevitable. The two players are on a different level than the rest of the world at present, though that gap is shortening.He may not like to admit it, but the pair of them have pushed each other in their quest for excellence.

  • What do you consider your greatest individual performance ever?

    Almost every week the forward astounds the supporters and viewers around the globe with his goal-scoring ability. But which game does he regard as his pinnacle.Moscow saw him score the opening goal against chelsea, as United claimed their third European Cup. He netted the winner against Barcelona in a Copa del Rey final and grabbed a hat-trick in a Madrid derby.The World Cup play-off with Sweden would have to be taken into consideration.

  • Who’s the toughest opponent you have ever faced and who’s the best player you played alongside?

    Okay, so this is theoretically two questions, but it's interesting all the same.Not many players get the better of Ronaldo, who is a nightmare to defend against.As a teammate he has forged partnerships with the likes of Mesut Ozil, Wayne Rooney. Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Raul to name a few. Internationally he grew alongside Luis Figo as he entered his latter years.

  • What’s your greatest achievement as a player?

    He won the Champions League with Manchester United and three consecutive league titles. At Real Madrid he won the La Liga championship against one of the best teams of all time.He also has two Ballon d'Ors and a FIFA World Player of the Year as well as many other solo awards.It could be something a little more simpler like making his debut for Sporting CP or Portugal, or perhaps it's his 100th Real Madrid goal.

  • How does it feels to achieve yet another record in your wife a another champions league?

  • How has been to adapt from Angelo this way of playing too many days?

  • How has been to be coached by Sir Alex Ferguson and What do you get from those days?

  • What other relations do you remember from the coaches you have been under?

  • Do you picture yourself as a coach in the future?

  • Is something in relation with football when you quit?

  • How was it to adapt to the Spanish league and in what sense had it developed your football in a way?

  • How has been to be in the public eye decision with all the criticism that referrals we are not doing well?

  • Is this a problem to develop a way of playing and the time and the tranquility to work?

  • If some people say you are arrogant for example What does that make you feel?

  • Who is the real Cristiano?

  • How does winning an international competition compare to winning with a club side?

    It was the first time, it’s always special when you win something for the first time. I’ve won the Champions League three times but my dream was always to win something for Portugal, with the national team, and that’s what we did. We won for the first time and the feeling is completely different. I was very emotional. I was thinking about my team-mates,my whole family because we were all born in Portugal. So the feeling was a little bit crazy. I cried a lot. Sad moments, emotional moments, happy moments and it all happened in the same day. So it was unbelievable achievement, it was a special day.

  • You won the most important trophies in Europe last season and now you have won the Best Player in Europe award. How do you manage to motivate yourself for this new season?

    For me, every season is a challenge. Many people ask me how I’m going to motivate myself to win more things because you’ve won everything already. But football is my passion and I’m still able to make the fans happy. People love to see me, so I try to do my best, I try to score goals, to help my team win trophies, individually and collectively. Every year is a challenge, this year will be the same as the last 10 years. To score goals at a high level, maintain my performance, that’s what I try to do.

  • You have won all these trophies but the World Cup is still missing. Do you think Portugal be a strong contender for the World Cup finals?

    Oh come on! We’ve just won the European title for the first time in the history of Portugal. The World Cup? Of course it’s possible. Everything in football is possible. It will be tough as we have pressure now for the next World Cup.I’m comfortable with my team-mates, our country supporting us, they are smart enough to know what Portugal can do. If you ask me if it’s possible, of course it’s possible, but let’s enjoy the moment. It’s the first time in the history of Portugal that we win the European Championship, so it’s good. But, as I say many, many times, everything in football is possible, so let’s be positive.

  • Since the group-stage format was introduced for the Champions League, it has ever been won by the same team two years in a row. Can Real Madrid change that this season?

    I think so, it’s possible. No one has won it twice in a row. If you play for Real Madrid, you have to think like that, so I think it’s possible. We have a good team, we have a good coach. We have the experience of last year. We know it’s a very tough competition, we need to be a little bit lucky but I’m looking forward to it.It’s a good challenge. For us, Real Madrid, as a team, and I think it will be possible to this year. I’m positive that we’re going to win it again.

  • But, seriously, have you ever thought about becoming a coach some day?

    It’s not something that I think a lot about. If you ask me right now, I don’t want to be a football coach. After a few years, people might say, you have the profile to be a coach, but I don’t want to, it’s too complicated. Right now I just want to focus on football, this is my passion, this is what I love to do. But in the future, nobody knows, maybe in five, six, 10 years, I will change my mind and I will be an amazing coach! Let’s see.

  • Who was your inspiration growing up?

    When I was younger I played at Sporting, and I always had the ambition to become an international footballer one day. At that time I remember the likes of Rui Costa and Fernando Couto very well. I wanted to play with them, or be part of the selected few and that's what happened.

  • Do you think Juice A is the best coach in the world and how would you describe your relationship with him?

  • Do you think Juice a is the best coach in the world and how would you describe your relationship with him?

  • You do wish sometimes that you could get up and no one could recognize you?

  • When you were a kid and you were growing up and you were playing in the street did your mother know you could be who you are today ?

  • How mean can you get how tough can you get there for Sir Alex Ferguson?

  • When you become FIFA World Player of the Year did you think about your father when you want it?

  • What was the best moment in your football career?

  • If you were FIFA President what would you change in football?

  • Who’s your favourite sportsperson?

  • How is the corruption scandal in FIFA affecting playing on the field today? Is it something that worries you?

  • Do you sometimes wish for more freedom?

  • Which players are your source of inspiration?

  • What is your fear in the field?

  • What impression do you think people had about you once they watched your film?

  • How difficult was being away from home at such a young age but still having focus on your football?

  • Did you ever imagined in your early life that you will in a place where you are today?

  • How is life as a father?

  • What about those negative perceptions that a few journalists still have about you?

  • Do you think journalists have the right to criticize you?

  • Which according to you was your greatest moment so far as a footballer?

  • Could you speak about the most disappointing moment in your life as a footballer?

  • What have you learned from some of the amazing football coaches you have worked with?

  • Where on the scale of the top football coaches would you place José Mourinho?

  • What according to you is the main difference between the Premier League and La Liga?

  • Who according to you are the most exciting young players that are coming through?

  • If you are constantly compared to other players, does that helps you to be a better player and stay motivated?

  • How your son reacted when he visited his hometown, Madeira?

    "I was so excited for him to see where I grew up. He already knew Madeira and the Marques de Pombal residence. He went up with me and there were still some of the same people who had lived there at the time. I was moved, if I am honest, because I didn't expect to see those people, and that touched me a bit. I went with Paixao and [Cristiano] and we entered the room where I had stayed. My son turned to me and said: 'Papa. Did you live here?' He could not believe it.”

  • Christiano's opinion about imparting hard work and value of dedication to his son?

    "They think everything is easy in this world. The quality of life, the houses, the cars, the clothes. They think that it all just falls into their lap. That [is] what I try to instil in my son, including when I do events in schools. I try to convey that these things don't come with having talent alone. But with hard work and dedication, I think you can achieve everything you want to do."

  • What Christiano thinks about his retirement?

    "Age is just a number. It does not mean that at 34, 35, 36 you are at the end of your career," Ronaldo said at a news conference ahead of Juventus' Champions League match against Lokomotiv Moscow on Tuesday. "I can show that with my performances, how I play, the way I play, the way I still feel good, sharp, thinking about the game, more mature. This makes the difference."

  • What Ronaldo said about winning a treble with Juventus?

    We want to win Serie A, we want to win the Cup, the Champions League," he said. "Juventus should think big. ... We are going to try to win all the trophies, we know it will be difficult, especially the league and the Champions League, but I think it is possible. Everything is possible. "In terms of individual, I have nothing to say as this is individual. It is not the most important thing," Ronaldo added. "The most important is the collective awards. If you win the collective awards you have more chance to win the individual awards. ... The Golden Ball is for me in second place."

  • What Ronaldo told about spending time with family?

    "To win games, to score goals, to enjoy myself, to arrive home and see my kids happy and say, 'Congratulations daddy for scoring a goal.' That makes me happy," he said. "This is my motivation to come to train, for the games, to entertain people and the fans with my passion."