Cory Walia Curated

Renowned Make-up artist


  • What tips would you share for Day Bridal Look?

  • Could you share some quick makeup tips for working woman?

  • Could you share one hack to glam up the day look for the night?

  • What tips would you share for Night Bridal Look?

  • Is it important to have too many makeup products to get a glam look?

  • How important are eyebrows?

  • What is Monochrome look?

  • What is that one beauty advice that you would like to give?

  • What are your 3 favourite Lakme Absolute products?

  • Could you give some tips on makeup for a Bachelorette party?

  • Are there any companies that make make-up products for teenage skin?

    There is no such thing like a range of make-up for teens. In today's world, all make-up brands emphasize skincare strongly and, if the quality of make-up is good, anybody from 16 to 60 can use it.

  • What colors work best on people with dark skin tones?

    If used correctly, every color looks great on any skin. It is important to learn about proportions. Strong deep metallic eye shadows are the way to go. I swear by kajal [kohl] and I also like the classic, deep, matte red lipstick, when combined with a basic eyeliner, you get a great look.

  • How best can one translate reel life make-up to real life?

    Find an identifiable person that you actually resemble. Do not just go chasing your dreams and desires; be realistic. Then emulate and observe, emulate and observe. Look at magazines, check out interviews and find out where your personal individual styling stands. Read tips and learn more about them.

  • What are a few things every woman must keep a check on?

    Water intake (eight glasses a day), shapely eyebrows, regular skincare and maintaining a good body posture. If you have a good posture and carry yourself well, even an average person can look enigmatic and dynamic.

  • How to achieve a glam look for a Cocktail party?

  • How much has make-up on the big screen changed over the years?

    It has changed drastically and dramatically! There is a new crop of internationally-trained, sophisticated make-up artists. Then there is the opening up of the Indian economy, and especially the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics were considered frivolous and heavily taxed. Today, it is the other way round. It is a hungry and growing market: big money, an influx of producers, globalization, sophisticated directors, producers, technical crew, the stars themselves and make-up artists, advances in lighting and camera technology and equipment have all contributed to the change! Today, the make-up that a socialite wears to a party is easily translated to a Bollywood look.

  • Could you share some makeup tips for the occasion of Sangeet?

  • Which are likely to be your favourite products from Lakmé?

    I’m bowled over by the products they’ve put into skincare, because when your skin is well prepared, makeup automatically has that perfect canvas. You want to look 15 years younger? Their products like the Youth Infinity range will give you just that. The way they can smoothen out tiny minuscule lines from the face is just fantastic. In this energy-sapping world, you need something that makes your skin feel alive. Next, I think that the Precision Liner is amazing. You can use it in summer without worrying about it coming off because it’s waterproof. It’s so steady, black and fills up everything that it gives you the edgy Kareena Kapoor Khan look. The Sculpt lipstick range is also my favourite because it’s a high definition deadly product that creates a mouth. I’m not even saying lips because it actually defines your entire mouth for you.

  • What is the biggest makeup faux pas, according to you?

    I’ve seen people use the wrong shades of concealer and foundation to look fairer, whereas what they actually need is a product that finishes their complexion correctly, imparting a glow and thereby brightening the face without whitening it unnaturally. We don’t want you looking like someone from a Michael Jackson video!

  • The Lakme Sculpt range is all about contouring. How does that work for different face shapes?

    It’s not about what shapes need contouring. It is about knowing quantities and proportions to get the correct effect. If you have a diamond-shaped face, it needs to be sculpted around the width of the cheekbones and requires broadening around the forehead. The product itself will bring the correct amount of light at the top of your forehead and chin, where the two points of the diamond meet, and the width of your cheekbones will automatically get the shading. That’s the intelligence of the product.

  • What’s the biggest trend on the makeup scene right now?

    I’m seeing a lot of vibrant matte colours. But it’s a different matte, not like cement where it sucks all the moisture out of your lips.

  • While applying makeup, is there a specific quantity that we should keep in mind?

  • Which eyeliner & lip gloss did you use on Kareena for Lakme Absolute’s Bridal campaign’14?

  • How did you get started as a Makeup Artist?

  • What are the basic things that you carry in your makeup kit?

  • What has been the evolution of beauty in the past five years?

    People are now very aware that they need to look good and I couldn’t be more glad about it. There are makeup tutorials, bloggers, people you otherwise wouldn’t give a second glance to… but their amount of knowledge about makeup, the right brands and new advances in beauty technology is fantastic. Here, at Lakmé, the evolution has always been about the marriage between traditional Indianness and international trends and technology. It’s about the amalgamation and synergy between these. The child of that is what you see in this studio/salon today.

  • How to remove mascara?

  • Do you think there is room for upcoming Makeup Artists in the industry?

  • Who is the one celebrity you love working on and why?

    The awesomeness that is Kareena Kapoor Khan! Put a product on her and she highlights it so beautifully. Her internal attitude is amazing. Lakmé has chosen her because she brings sophistication to the simplest of products. I also like Shraddha Kapoor because she has a very ‘today’ vibe to her. She has that lovely naughty freshness, which at the same time is slightly classical too. For us, she perfectly explains where we are taking the product and to whom we are taking it to.

  • How to do contouring for a round face?