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Cricketer, West Indies Team


  • You have reinvented yourself time and again in the T20 format. How have you been able to boss this art?

    The first time I understood the need of it was when I injured my back in 2015 and underwent surgery. It's the old rule of the game you know, with serious injuries your approach changes. I've dealt with injuries before as well but none was as tricky as my back. It required a lot of monitoring and that is when I thought I can't be going in with the same approach every time. So I began biding more time at the crease. I am using my experience a lot more now.

  • At 38, what are the challenges you face to keep yourself fit?

    Just to keep your body in shape as much as possible, just doing the usual drills as much as possible. I know that I am no spring chicken but at the same time, I don't really need any intense training session or anything of that sort. I'm naturally fit and I think my body is in great shape for a 38-year-old. So as long as I can combine this body with my experience, I'm good to go.

  • You have owned almost every T20 batting record that there is. What lies next for Chris Gayle?

    I believe West Indies have a big chance of winning the World Cup in 2019. I know we struggled in the qualifiers but now that we've made it, our next aim is to win it.

  • You almost went unsold in the 2018 IPL auction. Were you disappointed by the fact that RCB didn’t bid for you? Given you’ve played majority of your IPL career for them.

    I was their biggest draw. It was disappointing from that end, because they (RCB) had called me. They wanted me in the team and I was told that I will be retained. But they never called back after that. So that gave me the impression that they didn’t want me and it’s fine. I’ll be honest in admitting that it was very surprising for me to not get picked by any team. I don’t know what went behind closed doors but I also understand that these things happen. It’s just the way it is. But it’s fine. I’ve moved on from it. Like I said, it’s a great opportunity to be playing for King XI Punjab and so far I’ve had a great time. Perhaps it was supposed to happen, you know. King Gayle; destined to be playing for Kings XI Punjab.

  • You were the oldest member of the T20 World Cup winning squad in 2016. How was the experience of turning up at home and winning the cup?

    I felt like a debutant, like walking out in my first game. It was very good playing back for the West Indies. A lot of people have been speculating, 'When are you going to play for West Indies again, are you finished with West Indies?' No, I am not finished with the West Indies, to be honest with you. They understand where I am coming from, what I am doing. I am old as well now, things actually change. To play in front of my home crowd as well, that was something brilliant. I could actually see the joy, people actually turn out to come and watch the game. There is still a lot of life in Chris Gayle.

  • Can you make the 2019 World Cup?

    Yes, it's possible. You can't say anything about injuries, those things do happen in sports. When you look at 2019, it is pretty much around the corner, because I will be busy playing cricket and you don't realize how time actually flies. That's my target - to play the 2019 World Cup and have some part to play.

  • Are you done with Test Cricket?

    Even if it is going to be one Test match, a farewell Test match, I definitely want to play. But if it is not possible, if the body doesn't allow me to, then I will announce my retirement from Test cricket. But yes, it is still in the mindset.

  • When you’re batting in limited-overs cricket, you always seem so calm. Do you ever feel pressure or stress at all?

    You do feel the tension, but what makes it easier for me is the day before the game, you analyse the bowlers you’re going to be coming up against. In your mind, you picture yourself and how you’re going to play those bowlers before you go to bed. Then, when you get out there, you might feel a couple of butterflies – but once you get past those first couple of balls, you gain in confidence and can get the upper hand.

  • If you were bowling to yourself, where would you pitch the ball?

    In the slot – so I can hit it. I don’t know where I’d pitch it, to be honest. I’d be nervous if I was bowling to myself. I’d hope I wasn’t in a cranky mood.

  • How has the IPL affected the growth of cricket in India?

    Look at Indian cricket at the moment. They are dominating all forms of the game now and the reason is the IPL. The players rub shoulders with their international opponents. They share the same dressing rooms. They know what they are thinking. Then they become bolder performing for their countries. That is because of IPL and it is fantastic.

  • You’re seen quite often sporting sunglasses on the field even at night. Is it something that you’ve always done or has it just become a fashion statement?

  • Your fashion sense is quirky as seen once when you cheered on your fellow West Indian cricketers dressed as a sailor. What’s the story behind that?

  • You are known to be a prankster, someone who likes to have a bit of fun. Were you the same as a kid?

  • You are a vocal fan of the football club Manchester United. How did you become a fan?

  • Did you ever think Usain Bolt would reach the heights that he reached given you played with him as a kid before he switched to tracks?

  • Is it true that you became a big hitter because you didn’t like to run?

  • You tour the world playing Poker when you’re not playing Cricket. How did you get into Poker?

  • Do the tattoos on your body have a special meaning to them?

  • Which cricketer do you feel possesses similar qualities to you?

  • During your stalemate with the West Indies Cricket Board back in 2011, you released an 8 page document giving your side of the story. Did you do that to simplify your views to the general public?

  • You blamed Clive Lloyd for your boycott from the West Indies side. Do you think it was personal?

  • Where did the communication between you and the WI Cricket Board start breaking down? Which eventually led to you being axed from the national side?

  • The meeting between you and the WI Cricket Board to fix things during the stalemate in 2011 was something that you termed a “farce”, why did you call it that?

  • Did you feel betrayed when the local board of Jamaica didn’t support you during your axing from the West Indies team in 2011? Even though they said they had your back?

  • You’ve been more consistent in the IPL compared to when you’re playing for West Indies, which in turn leads to sparking a debate that it is money that motivates you to perform better. Would you say statement holds any truth?

  • You once got a lot of flak for saying that Test Cricket is going to die down. Do you still have the same belief?

  • Who would you say is your idol?

  • Why kind of diet do you follow to stay fit?

  • What kind of a person are you off the field?

  • You recently became a father. How has this new experience of fatherhood been for you?

  • A rare fact known about you is that you had a Heart surgery back in 2005. How did you handle that experience and how did you overcome the difficulties following the surgery?

  • How can you keep playing as aggressive as you do so consistently?

  • You’ve been branded as the “King of T20 Cricket” for your amazing contribution to the format. How do you think you’ve affected the format?

  • What would you say your strength is?

  • Do you use different bats in different countries depending on the wicket condition?

  • How do you choose a bat?

  • Is is true that you’re a clean freak as pointed out by some of your teammates?

  • Who is the most difficult bowler that you have faced?

  • Who is your ideal opening partner?

  • Do you think the mindset of youngsters opting to play in domestic T20 leagues rather than focusing on breaking into the national side of their respective countries is a threat to ODI and Test Cricket?

  • Why do you think West Indies struggle in Test cricket despite being a powerhouse in the T20 format?

  • You have played with Virat Kohli for quite a long time in the IPL with RCB. How have you seen him evolve as a cricketer and a captain?

  • Who is your favourite cricketer?

  • Who is the dark horse of the 2019 World Cup for you?

  • Can you tell us something about The Chris Gayle Academy?

  • What does winning the 2019 World Cup mean to you?

    Winning the World Cup would be a fairy-tale finish. The youngsters owe it to me to win. They have to do that for me and try and get me the trophy. I’ll be looking to put my input in as well.

  • Are you deciding on retiring from ODIs after this World Cup?

    Definitely, in 50-over cricket, the World Cup is the end for me. I’ll let the youngsters have some fun and I can sit back in the party stand and watch.

  • Did you have anything to prove when you were a late minute inclusion in the 2018 IPL after you weren’t picked in the IPL?

    A lot of people might say Chris has a lot to prove, [since] I didn’t get selected, I didn’t get picked up earlier in the auction. But I can say, Virender Sehwag has saved IPL by picking me. It may be too early to say it, but Viru [Sehwag] said in an interview that if Chris Gayle can win him two games, he’ll get his money’s worth. Maybe I’ve to have another word with Viru [Sehwag].

  • You are 39. You are in the World Cup squad for West Indies. Where do you think your career is heading?

    The World Cup is coming. We will see what happens after the World Cup.

  • Where is Caribbean cricket heading towards?

    The youngsters are coming up. We are in a rebuilding process. It is going to take a while, it is not going to be over overnight. We've lost a lot of experienced players but life goes on. No player is going to play forever. At some stage, everybody has to depart the game. I will continue to wish West Indies cricket all the best.

  • What was your reaction to Yuvraj's short innings in Bushfire Cricket Bash

    I shared image of it through my instagram. I really enjoyed watching him play. However, when Yuvi got out, I couldn’t stop my disappointment and yelled a big “Nooooo.”

  • Why MS Dhoni is so good

    MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle amongst top 5 cricketers likely to retire in 2020 - Republic World  Republic World

  • Why Gayle still wishes to play?

    A lot of people still want (to) see Chris Gayle out there in the middle. I still have that love for the game and that passion for the game as well. And I would love to carry on as long as possible," Gayle said during a media interaction here. The 40-year-old swashbuckler added, "Even in franchise cricket I am still playing a few games here and there around the globe because I still feel I have a lot to offer."The body is feeling good. And I am sure I am getting younger as days go on.

  • Why Gayle finds Pakistan one of the safest places in world?

    Pakistan is one of the safest places right now in the world. They say you will get presidential security so you are in good hands. I mean we are in good hands too in Bangladesh, right?