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  • This year has turned out to be a dream year for the stock market. Is it only liquidity which has done the trick? Do you think the market is telling us a different messaging about which way the economic cycle is going to move?
  • How are you positioning your portfolio now?
  • How are you placed on the mid-cap segment?
  • Which stocks are you avoiding?
  • Are commodity stocks looking attractive?
  • HDFC Children’s Gift fund has just completed 15 years. What is the investment rationale for this fund?
  • How should investors manage their portfolios at this juncture?
  • HDFC Balanced Fund is a topper in the long term (10-year), but it is lagging some of its peers in the shorter horizons. Please comment.
  • Over the years, the scheme has managed downsides in the market quite well. How did you achieve this?
  • HDFC Balanced Fund is considered an aggressive balanced scheme. However, it started looking very stable lately. How would you describe your fund?
  • What kind of investors do you think should invest in the scheme?
  • Balanced funds are considered ideal in times like the current one. Do you think they have an advantage over pure equity funds?
  • Equity looks subdued, so does the debt market. What do you think is in store for balanced schemes in the long run?
  • We recently recommended HDFC Balanced Fund as a part of our Mutual Fund Portfolio. What would be your advice to our readers who are investing in the scheme to create wealth over a long period?
  • Tells us about the investing philosophy of the fund, HDFC Balanced.
  • The variation in equity 65% to 72% depends on…?
  • How does it work - what kind of a team do you have?
  • How many funds to you handle?
  • Is there a common theme in the funds you handle?
  • How long have you been with this fund?
  • But at first, you were an investment banker?
  • Some say valuations are expensive. Some are waiting for earnings recovery. Some are waiting for a correction to kick in. How can you get both - earnings recovery and correction?
  • Does that bring any value to your current job?
  • You spoke about your investment approach. Does that apply to all the funds you manage?
  • What would be the best moments of your fund managing career?
  • Any moment that you would want to recall?
  • The team has been stable. Its something people outside also say about HDFC MF.
  • What are your views on the organisation, HDFC MF?
  • Contrarian approach is a general theme?
  • Can you help me with an example of how you are different?
  • When you left HDFC did you work with another fund house?
  • So as a person - what are your hobbies?
  • So one must keep return expectations low. What's happened in the past may not get repeated.
  • What kind of places do you like?
  • Your favourite place?
  • How are market valuations currently poised? Are mid-caps once again looking attractive after the correction?
  • Should investors look for growth or value now?
  • Is the consumption theme still holding up?
  • How would you differentiate HDFC Prudence Fund vs HDFC Balanced Fund?
  • What's been your basic strategy in a market where you feel stocks are expensive? In your mid-cap portfolio, there is a bit of a pharma, a bit of an NBFC flavour and mid-cap IT.
  • What right now are the clear growth pockets which you can identify?
  • You don't get good news and good price together. What about sectors where news is good, and prices may not be good. NBFCs? Private banks?
  • What is your assessment of the prevailing stock market position?
  • Are you happy with the government’s policy actions?

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