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  • How have things shaped up for Publicis ever since you took charge in 2013?
  • Would you say that, Khali Ad for Ambuja Cement 2015 was the best creative work done in the country by you?
  • What, according to you, really made the Khali Ad for Ambuja Cement outstanding?
  • Any particular category which you think is churning out great work?
  • You have been a part of Indian Advertising scene for long? Can you take us through some of the changes you have witnessed?
  • Going forward, do you see separate creative ideas being worked upon for different media?
  • What is your take on predictions about death of traditional media?
  • Is digital emerging as a key challenge for creative agencies?
  • A number of courses and institutes have come up that claim to teach creative among other things. Do you believe creativity can be taught?
  • How has the client agency relationship evolved?
  • What is your take on continuous partial attention, and what role does creative strategy play in nullifying its effect?
  • When did things start to look brighter for Publicis?
  • Talking specifically of Publicis, can you take us through its future roadmap? (2015)
  • Publicis has made a number of acquisitions in the recent past. How difficult has it been to imbibe Publicis work culture in them? (2015)
  • It has been a little more than two years since you joined Publicis. How has the journey been so far? (2015)
  • Do you miss your days in Mudra?
  • You took on the role of CEO of Havas Creative in January 2019. What have been your priorities since then?
  • What are the changes you have made in this past one year that give Havas Creative an edge over other networks?
  • How would you assess the last one year from a global as well as India standpoint? Which have been the top performing markets?
  • According to you, what is Publicis lacking and how do you want to address those challenges?
  • What’s been your main agenda on this visit to India, and what is the sense you have of the India market for Havas Creative? What have been your conversations with the clients you have met so far?
  • What are the big areas of focus from an India standpoint?
  • Havas Group in India has been aggressive with regard to acquisitions… how does this help Havas Creative, and can we expect any more acquisitions this year? If yes, in what area?
  • In your view, which are the areas where today’s ad generation needs to focus on?
  • What are your thoughts on scenario where social media is overtaking the creative freedom?

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