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  • What makes Emmy nomination a very special achievement for you?
  • There is a huge lack in maverick women reporters/anchors/editors like you in the industry. Doesn't this fact worry you?
  • What do you think about the overall quality of credible journalists going up or down?
  • The Lalit Modi saga and the Vyapam scam were exposed and highlighted by the media, do you think that the media gets credit where due – or only pitchforks?
  • Are television journalists open to a lot more criticism because you are visible faces?
  • How would you explain to people that a journalist has to get his hands dirty, that a journalist has to talk to all sorts of people to gather information?
  • Coming to Twitter, do you think that the social media platform is punching way about its weight?
  • Is the youth today, influenced by social media, developing an opinion on everything under the sun without really knowing anything?
  • Would you encourage your family members to join the media, given the current shape it is in?
  • What has been the most dangerous assignment for you?
  • Why did you make the decision to move out from NDTV and start your own production house?
  • How do you handle so many tasks at the same time?
  • Is there any particular reason behind leaving NDTV?
  • How does Dr Prannoy Roy feel about your decision?
  • You talk about the “second generation” of journalists that is coming up. Don't you think there is a vacuum in terms of a face that carries authority and credibility?

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