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About Badshah

Award winning rapper, lyricist and music producer, Badshah has made a name for himself as the face of rap in India. In addition to producing his own albums, he has also composed songs for Bollywood films which have won him immense popularity.

Connect with Badshah 's life

  • What are your views on clean lyrics and music videos? Do you think it is important?
  • Who’s your inspiration within the industry?
  • You worked on the song ‘Proper Patola’ and ‘Saturday Saturday’ both of which have been a great success. How you were involved of these two massive hits?
  • Tell us about your family?Are they supportive about your profession?
  • What made you decide to judge for a singing reality show?
  • What is your advice to those who are struggling to balance between getting a degree and pursuing a passion?
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
  • What has been your biggest challenge so far?
  • A controversy erupted when Arijit apologised to Salman on Facebook. He even requested the actor to not delete his song from his upcoming film. Is Bollywood a vulnerable place for established artistes?
  • Many believe that the quality of lyrics has gone down nowadays. What is your opinion?
  • You work on multiple Bollywood music projects. do you get enough time to work on your singles?
  • Were there any inspirations?
  • There is still a lack of filter in the content which is rushed in the name of rap. What is your view?
  • Be it Sambhar in Rajasthan or O2 Arena in London, your visuals in songs are equally eye-catching. What is the secret?
  • What is the rule to success?
  • What are your views on clean lyrics and music videos? Do you think it is important?
  • Your fan base is generally the younger audience. Is it easy to target your music towards them?
  • Tell us how did you get involved in music? Have you always had a passion?
  • How do you see the interpretation of rap in the cultural milieu of current Punjab?
  • Bollywood, of late, has also started recognising the rappers by giving them full-fledged songs having a unique hook line. How do you see the trend?
  • When did you start writing/rapping/singing?
  • What about those meaningful lyrics which Bollywood was famous for?

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