Ayush Agarwal

Sr. Marketing Manager, Amazon India

  • What is the single most important metric you want to improve through your campaigns currently?

    Hi Anuj, Thanks for your question. The most imprtant metric for me as a marketer is Brand Awareness and Brand Perception Metrics. While sale or revenue are important they’re a function of awareness and perception. If you can improve your awareness with a positive perception; your bottom line would automatically improve. Let me know if I answered your question. Thanks!

  • What would you recommend to a student who wishes to shift from their BTech undergraduate degree to marketing?

    Hi Ratik; Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we are conditioned from our childhood to make a career either as an engineer or a doctor. Hence most of us do not realise what we really want to do until we actually start our graduation. However, I think it’s never too late to start working on something that you really want to do. For your specific case, an MBA in Marketing would be the best way to shift your career. Assuming you’re currently still in college- you can either apply for CAT and join as a fresher or work in entry level sales/marketing job for a couple of years and then join an MBA course. You should try and get a good institute for your overall development. And we engineers form 70-80% of the MBA batches; so don’t worry you still have a lot of time to switch careers if you want to!

  • How do you evaluate traditional vs. digital marketing channels?

    Hi Ritika; Thanks for your question. Both traditional and digital channels form an important part of your marketing mix. While digital is a performance led cost effective medium and traditional channel is an effective way to drive awareness and brand visibility. For a digital channel performance parameters such as CPC, CPM, Acos, COA are important metrics. For a traditional medium it’s reach and CPM are important metrics. However a lot depends on your product and target audience.

  • What is the one thing that you abide by in all your marketing campaigns?

    There are few things that are absolutely necessary in my opinion: 1. A Customer Backward Approach- What does your customer want? Does your customer understand the communication? Are you addressing the customer problem?2. Brand Language: It is very important to choose a brand language and to stick to it. All your creatives should be aligned to your brand language.

  • How do you craft your media plan?

    The media plan can be crafted either for reach or frequency. If your objective is to build awareness and increase your customer base you should focus on incremental reach of your platform and media. If the focus is to build a perception or drive a behaviour you should focus on frequency of your campaign.

  • How did you go about finding your right target audience?

    Hi Ritika; Your TG would completely depend on your product/service. Once you have defined the key proposition of your product/service you should be able to sketch a persona for your TG. You can further narrow it down by conducting qualitative and quantitative research.

  • What role did your educational background play in your career?

    Educational Background definitely plays an important role in shaping an individual's personality and building a perspective. For me, personally, my education has helped me think with an open mind. As a marketer, it is very important to not have a cultural or personal bias towards things to deliver the best for a brand. My education- especially my post graduation at MICA has really helped me achieve that.

  • Why did you choose to become a marketer?

    Hi Hritika; While I was doing my engineering, I wasn't sure of what I want to be. I was sure of one thing though- I don't want to be an engineer :p. Even during those times I took up small part time markering jobs - buidling brands, social media, digital markering etc. That's when I realised I could make a career out of it. And now after spending more than 6 years as a marketer, I think I took the right decision. Overall, it all depends on what excites you in life but marketing can be a great starting career for anyone who is excited by brands, advertisements, research, insights etc.

  • What is more important for a startup - branding or sales?

    Hi Debjeet; That's a really good question. I beleive that sales and branding are two sides of a coin; one cannot happen over the other. Having said that; for a start up having limited budgets it is extremely difficult to spend on Branding. However branding doesn't mean spending large sums on advertising. It also means having a consistent language, thoughtful packaging, personalised communication, meaningful creatives- and guess what you don't have to spend much to get these. Hence while you try and get sales make sure you're still building your brand without spending much on it. I hope I answered your question. Message me if you'd like ti discuss further.

  • What is your most important customer retention matra?

    Personalisation and Mystery. I know it sounds strange but yeah mystery, according to me, is a great way to ensure customer returns to you. The greatest example is Google Pay- the way it gives you mysterious scratch cards and as a customer you're looking to win some amount. Despite knowing it will most likely be "better luck next time; customers love to take their chances. Personlisation on theother hand goes a long way in creating a lasting impact and thus building preference. A small note,for example, along with your product or service can build customer trust and help you retain them for a longer time.