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  • What was the inspiration behind your latest restaurant - Kanishka?
  • Which are your favorite London restaurants?
  • Do you have a favorite food destination ?
  • Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget ?
  • What would you be if you weren’t a Chef ?
  • How did your love for food start ?
  • Would you encourage your children to go into the industry ?
  • You have revolutionized Indian food and made it more contemporary. Was that always your aim ?
  • What do you consider your signature dish ?
  • Indian households are restrictive in the meats they use. Did you use a variety of meats when you trained in restaurants in India ?
  • When you were invited to cook for Prince Charles at St James’s Palace, what was on the menu ?
  • Did you want to do something very different to Benares (restaurant) with Kanishka (restaurant) ?
  • What has been the highlight of your career to date ?
  • With restaurants in London, Dublin and on a cruise ship, how do you manage your time ?
  • Indian cuisine varies wildly by region. Which region’s food is your favorite and why?
  • What are your plans for the future ?
  • Which is your favorite non-Indian cuisine ?
  • Where would you go for a curry with your friends after a few beers on a Friday night ?
  • Do you distinguish between Indian and Pakistani food ?
  • Who is the main cook at home – you or your wife ?
  • The cuisine of the Northeast is not well-explored. How would you hope to educate diners to try the cuisine ?
  • In your opinion, is the food from the Northeast bland ?
  • How has the Indian Restaurant scenario changed since you became the first Indian Chef to win a Michelin Star at Tamarind, London ?
  • How did you get a chance to learn and understand the North-Eastern Cuisine ?
  • The ingredients used, especially the herbs, are not easily available. How do you plan to meet the requirements ?
  • What is your most preferred dish from the Seven Sisters ?
  • What was the idea behind Kanishka ?
  • You’ve opened restaurants across the world at several locations. What were the unique challenges while opening the restaurant in Mumbai ?
  • Why do you emphasize so much on the local produce ?
  • When had you decided you were going to open your restaurant in India ?
  • Why did you decide to open Lima, a Peruvian restaurant in Bombay ?
  • The Ceviche is essentially a raw fish dish. Was that something you were concerned about ? How people would react to raw fish?
  • Latin American food is very meat-centric. How did you manage to put a lot of vegetarian food for Bombay on Lima’s menu ?
  • Why do you think there’s currently a boom in high-end Indian restaurants ?
  • One of the items on NRI’s menu is the bunny chow and interestingly the bunny chow has made its way into several restaurants in the city. What's your opinion on that ?
  • Why did you choose Mayfair as the location for Kanishka ?
  • Is there a signature dish at Kanishka ?
  • Do you have any favorite wine matches for Indian food ?
  • Are you planning to open more restaurants ?
  • How do you relax and make use of the leisure time ?

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