Ashu Khanna

Founder & CEO at Arka Leadership.

  • What is the dream that you aim to achieve for your company?

    The vision of the company is to develop authentic leaders in the world, who are joyful and successful.

  • How should an aspiring entrepreneur handle failure?

    Failure is a given for any entrepreneur. We can never get all outcomes in our favour. Evaluate, learn, modify, and move forward.

  • Being an entrepreneur, how does it feel to let go of control and authority?

    For any entrepreneur to achieve a vision, collaborating with the team is critical. Letting go of control and authority helps to empower teams who can then translate the vision into reality. New ideas emerge and the business can grow with more involvement.

  • What is the most important aspect to consider while hiring talent?

    Attitude to learn and grow. Skills can be learnt, whereas its harder to change an attitude. A person who is curious and committed to the vision will be able to collaborate and contribute with ease.

  • What keeps you motivated through the highs and lows in your journey?

    The knowledge that life is a journey for my inner transformation and every event offers an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • How important is it to develop the right culture in your company?

    The culture defines the way people engage and work with each other. That, in turn, impacts the productivity and creativity of the team.

  • What made you become an entrepreneur?

    The desire to find my purpose in life acted as a catalyst to becoming an entrepreneur. Some years later, when I found my calling as a coach, that motivated me to commit wholeheartedly to the journey of entrepreneurship.

  • What advice would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

    Entrepreneurship is a long ride. Its a journey of self-discovery to finding excellence in self expression.

  • What is the unique selling proposition of your company?

    Faith in the adage that ‘Life is Possible’ makes us unique because we help you reimagine possibilities and discover solutions to a problem by tapping into your wisdom.