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Chairman and Co-Founder of Happiest Minds


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  • Happiest Minds’s strategy has been to keep itself lean from its inception. How is this panning out?

    Non-linearity comes through 2-3 different ways. If you build more annuity stream of business, it improves productivity year after year. Secondly, if you have your own intellectual property around which you built solutions; and thirdly you are able to do replicable sales customizing the solutions you already have. We are following all these to the core.

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  • You have been part of the IT outsourcing services industry from the very beginning. What are the changes you have noticed in terms of customers’ buying habits since then to now?

    Customers’ expectations are much higher today than before. In the 90’s, when we were growing Wipro, we wanted a company with good governance which has the ability to scale. The value proposition at that time spoke for itself because there was a huge price difference and the industry was growing at 70-80%. However, the industry, subsequently, was little slow in realizing the technological changes and integrating those in their solutions. Happiest Minds effort is actually to fill that vacuum and deliver rich solutions.

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  • Do you think that the growth could even have been much faster if the market conditions were conducive?

    It may have been a little bit faster. Market conditions may have affected some large players, but we have largely remained unaffected.

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  • Are you satisfied with the kind of growth Happiest Minds has seen?

    We are happy that we have set some milestones. Of course, in a small base we have to grow faster, but what is more important is to do it consistently.

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  • As a young company how easy is it competing with established names?

    Our strategic rationale in Happiest Minds was to have disruptive technology, providing a smart, secure, connected experience enabling digital transformation. Firstly, we avoid head-on collisions with others and we have a seasoned team. The customer doing something innovative is not interested in the size of your company but in whether you understand what he does. We are not taking away business from anyone. We look at the new areas of a customer’s business, at segments where most large companies do not have a presence. That’s where we enter and then try and grow.

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  • How has the journey with Happiest Minds been so far?

    It’s a journey I’m enjoying. I was a late-stage entrepreneur (with Mindtree, which he founded at 58) and now I am a late-late-stage serial entrepreneur. I was very happy in Wipro; happier in Mindtree because I founded and took it public. And, happiest here because it’s a fresh challenge. We have had some early successes but there are challenges ahead. These challenges keep me energised.

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