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  • Any piece of advice you would like to give to emerging entrepreneurs?

    Find that one solution you’ve been meaning to build, build a basic version of it, test it with real customers then go all in and scale it. Find the right channel partners and investors that will back you no matter what…it’s all about people believe it or not…not the tech. Focus on people first.

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  • If you weren’t building, what would you be doing differently?

    Building the next big thing in another industry…I live and breath startups and bringing world-dominating ideas into reality one way or another.

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  • We got to know that you run multiple start-ups? How do you manage the duality between driving new business and overseeing daily operations? is my main focus however we do have products under the umbrella that offer solutions to small to medium enterprises mainly our “autocomplete as a service” API we use at but other companies can also for a small fee.

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  • How do you define the culture at

    Our team for one has been remote for a large part of the history of the company and in various countries around the world. This basically means we are working constantly around the clock on business, engineering, product, sales etc. and so call us workaholics. We work hard and with passion to support other founders, other small businesses just like ours that want to win but until came along, it meant spending money most don’t have…we level the playing field. So culture at our company is of hustle, drive and intense passion to build forward thinking world changing products.

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  • What are your views on Social Media? What Social Media marketing strategies do your company follow?

    Social media is constantly evolving and when it comes to making a business case, you alway have to remember that people connecting or conversing online is the same as in person. You must come across authentic, value-adding and most importantly, without an agenda. This mean a firmer focus on sharing content that puts your customer before your own needs. has a Facebook group for online entrepreneurs called Content Masters (link) that promotes intimate conversations between customers, partners, and even people who aren’t customers but just business owners looking to scale online. We love Facebook groups to create value-based meaningful conversations 24/7.

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  • Today, we see a number of social media marketing platforms in the market. What is it that makes yours different from those?

    I totally agree there are several in fact hundreds of solutions but they all have one thing in common, including us, that they schedule content a user inputs. But what if we could give you a solution that also generates content for you? optimizes it, recommends the right combination of words, emojis, hashtags based on your own brand authentic graphics? based on your own blog posts? Sounds like the job of an advertising agency right? Well, in the case of, it augments or enhances a small business with the capabilities of a 24/7 agency working around the clock driven by AI trained on over 153M data points for the price of a bus of coffee a day. In fact, we go beyond that also continuously trains on the content a customer inputs to give smart recommendations for the best copy to write in real-time think Gmail Smartcompose but for marketing copywriting. We are about to take this technology and soon allow customers to write long format content such as blog posts, white papers, and more. This level of technology and intelligence hasn’t been seen at a price point you and I could afford running small businesses meet your new best friend,

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  • What unseen opportunities did you see that may result in making your start-up a huge success?

    Providing a beautiful solution that’s entrenched in data science, built from the ground up with the needs of the “underdogs” or small businesses that can’t compete on budgets against larger companies but they surely can compete on talent, creativity and ability to storytell online we give them a voice and an unfair AI driven marketing platform to wield against their unlimited marketing budget driven competitors.

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  • How did you get the thought of starting a company like

    I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember selling something or the other and eventually stumbled into the radio/communications business. One after the other, I launched and worked on communication-related businesses that always demanded better tech, faster solutions and more engaging content to be generated continuously. It then dawned on me to create a data science-driven solution that would give small businesses like mine an “unfair” advantage against the unlimited marketing budgets of the world that large companies tend to have. Building a categorically new platform that used artificial intelligence and data science to help curate, create, schedule and analyze content (starting with social media and soon blogging) does exactly what we set out to do empower small businesses around the world.

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