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About Arijit Singh

Known for his soulful voice and singing style, Arijit Singh has won millions of hearts with the song Tum Hi Ho. He has won numerous accolades for his singing. A versatile singer, Arijit Singh has sung songs in many Indian languages.

Connect with Arijit Singh's life

  • What has been your success mantra?
  • You have sung songs in different genres. What is the kind of music that is yet to be explored?
  • What are the instruments that you play?
  • You are a big supporter of social issues. Which causes do you endorse the most?
  • You have had the maximum chartbusters in recent times. How has success changed your personal and professional life?
  • You have mainly sung romantic tracks. What other genres of music would you like to explore?
  • Whatever mood we are in, there is always an Arijit Singh song to lift our mood up. But, who does Arijit listen to the most?
  • Do you think musicians in Bollywood get their due credit?
  • Was singing always your passion or it just happened?
  • Do ghazal or qawwali interest you?
  • You come from a family where music runs in your blood. What was your childhood like?
  • If you were given a chance to collaborate with an international artiste of your choice, who would it be and why?
  • Who are your favourite music directors?
  • How was your childhood in Murshidabad?
  • Being a boy from Murshidabad, you have made such a big name for yourself. What is your Gurudakshina?
  • Bengalis have a pronounced mother tongue influence. Was it a hurdle in your singing career?
  • Being from a small town, did you ever feel a bias against you in a city like Mumbai?
  • Do you like to sing live or in a studio?
  • How much are social networking sites important in making a song a hit nowadays?
  • How was your journey after “Fame Gurukul?”
  • Any memorable incidents with a fan that you remember?
  • You’re known for your versatility. But is there a genre that you find more difficult to render?
  • Of late, many musicians have said that releasing private music gives them more creative freedom. Do you have such plans?
  • Compared to when you were a newbie, do you get more freedom to sing the way you want?
  • Is there a song that you have been most satisfied singing?
  • Do you think Bollywood music has transitioned from being soulful to soulless?
  • Although singers have their individual music album, but audiences only prefer them singing Bollywood songs, what is your outlook towards such prejudice?
  • You’re among the few playback singers who stages solo concerts on a wide scale. How do you balance being a shy person off stage with being such an entertainer on stage?
  • How did you feel when you couldn’t qualify for the Indian Idol contest? What if you had won the title?
  • You have won so many awards, but is it important to win awards to let the world know about your talent?
  • You had to struggle a lot before making it big in the industry. Any instance where you were at your lowest and something kept you going?
  • What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a film personality?
  • You come from a family where music runs in your blood. What was your childhood like?
  • In an age where auto tuners dominate the studios, what is the importance of riyaaz for you?
  • How is it performing live on stage with so many people shouting out your name?
  • What is on your playlist?

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