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  • What do the five rupee and 10 rupee price points mean to Too Yumm?
  • How much sales does Too Yumm generates by Big Basket and Grofers?
  • How has the Too Yumm! journey been since its inception in 2017?
  • What led you to foray into the healthy snack category and its evolution in India?
  • How challenging was it to get on board Virat Kohli as the snack endorser?
  • What are the three advertising trends to look out for in 2020?
  • How did you zoom in on the insight of 'cravings' to base your campaign on?
  • Since Virat Kohli endorses multiple brands, how do you ensure the communication cuts through the clutter?
  • What is the one marketing lesson you learned from your career?
  • Since snacking happens at certain times of the day, who would you say are your competitors?

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