Anubhav Sapra

Founder at Delhi Food Walks & India Culinary Tours

  • What is your favourite comfort food which you go back to frequently?

    Rajma Chawal

  • What's the advice you would like to give to an aspiring food-vloggers?

  • Do you prefer savoury or sweet dishes (to make or to eat)? Does it change from time to time?

  • Who inspired you to become a foodie?

  • What are your favourite regional cuisines or specific foods?

  • In what city have you eaten best, and why?

  • What made you decide to start your career in food vlogging?

  • Out of all the places you have been, what place would you want to stay forever?

  • How do you deal with travel overhead along with stay and food expenses?

  • What motivated you to choose this career?