Anmol Sood

Kathak Dancer.

  • Did you always plan on becoming a dancer?

    well, I never planned to be a dancer ! I thought of becoming an event manager but I guess destiny wanted me to explore a new field altogether! Though I always loved dancing in my childhood and my university days

  • Which has been your favorite dance routine?

    Shudh Kathak is always a favourite thing to do ! But a Kathak Fusion piece which I always love to perform is Jag Ghoomeya and Shape of You !

  • What are the 3 things every successful dancer must-have?

    The Practice, The Confidence, The smile

  • What's the advice you would like to give to an aspiring dancer?

    Just practice, practice and, practice hard until you perfect the movement ! if it’s not happening at the moment, you’ll definitely achieve it the next day or in few hours after practicing it slowly and steadily

  • Are you asked to dance at family occasions?

    Always ! we used to host new year party and few of our neighbours and relatives used to attend those and me and my sister used to perform for them always

  • Which is your favorite dance form?

    Well of course, Kathak ! But I love folk dance also !

  • Can you share your fondest dance memory?

    We were touring South Africa for our concert and after the concert there was a meet and greet and people were going crazy for pictures and to have word with us ! To my surprise, most of the people knew me by my name and were calling out to have pictures with me and have a autograph! That time I realised, this is something BIG

  • Who has been your ultimate inspiration when it comes to dancing?

    Well, of course, my guru Kumar Sharma ! But I also observed many dancers on YouTube and I totally love them ! Few of them are: Vidha Lal Ji, Aditi Mangaldas Ji, Pooja Pant, Nayantara Parpia, Shyam Dattani, Barkha Patel, Aayana Dance Company and the list is long

  • Were you a born dancer?

    yes ! I used to learn choreographies from my sister which she used to learn at her school annual functions and we used to perform it together at our family functions

  • When did you start dancing?

    Professionally in 2016 but, I guess since the age of 5-6 A dancer was there in me

  • When and where did you perform first?

    Professionally, I performed at GandhiDham , Ahmedabad for a private corporate concert

  • Do you have any upcoming dance endeavors?

    Yes ! Our dancer crew, Kathak Rockers is starting the online dance classes for everyone around the world from 22nd June. So these days working in that project and registration