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  • How did you get interested in music?
  • How do you see your journey so far as an outsider?
  • With a song like 'Phir Na Mile Kabhi', is there a dark side which you need to touch so it comes out in your voice too?
  • What was your state of mind after recording the song? Were you back to your normal life instantly or had to take a break to get back to normal?
  • How did you end up composing and singing for Aashiqui 2
  • Any advice for newcomers looking for a breakthrough?
  • Is the success of Sun Raha Hai Na getting you recognition?
  • Obviously, melody is your strength. How well do you work with other types of songs?
  • Do you believe in a greater power? God, maybe? A guru? Your parents’ blessings?
  • Tell us how you began musically.
  • Will it be only music, and will you sing only your songs, as your repertoire is restricted?
  • Hailing from Kanpur, did you ever think that you would reach so far?
  • What makes you decide on whether you will sing your composition or some other singer?
  • You have swept maximum awards for the last couple of years. Are you burdened down by expectations?
  • How long do you generally take to compose music for a film?
  • What is your brother Ankur's role in your life?
  • What do you keep in mind when you compose a song?
  • As a composer, how different can be the inspiration for love when we are witnessing a strong change in sensibilities?
  • You are one of the few who still believes in singing and making melodies…
  • Your early life with your parent's troupe helped you gain knowledge of music and musical performances…

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