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  • Which is your favourite advertising channel?

    Any channel that allows for storytelling.

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  • What according to you is the most important part while executing an advertising commercial?

    The most important part in execution is simply the art of 'Surprise'. Your execution should surprise the consumer in its delivery. Surprise is the key ingredient when it comes to memorability of an idea. It could be a new perspective of the same story. Or a new treatment in execution, anything. And finally, Simplicity in comprehension of its narrative. This is where bad executions can kill a good idea.

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  • What is your one basic mantra while coming up with ideas?

    The fundamental thing to keep in mind is first to clearly understand what is the response that you are expecting out of the idea. That is the basic mantra. Which has two parts to it. And they both require simple sharp answers that you have to use as a filter/funnel to crack an idea. And there are broadly two main objectives which determine and guide the idea. 1: Are you solving a problem ? Or 2: Are you cashing/leveraging in on any opportunity. And because the idea needs to be relevant and resonate with the consumer, you have to tap in on a key insight to play up in the idea. Again insights can only be articulated in two ways 1: Is there a barrier that needs to be broken (beliefs/Attitude/etc). Or 2: A bond that needs to be strengthened (beliefs/Attitude/etc). Once you sharpen your thinking after answering the above two questions. You are now ready to engage your creative mind to come up with an idea.

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