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  • If you were in charge, would an Indian eleven ever play without a spinner?
  • Would you opt for Kuldeep Yadav if Ashwin and Jadeja were not available due to injury?
  • Would you go as far as describing it as a blunder?
  • As a coach, player and a captain yourself, how is it that professional cricketers, team managements, end up misreading conditions?
  • Would it be very difficult to field for India XI that opens with Vijay and Rahul looking at what happened in the first two Test matches?
  • Why do you think that the top order batsman are getting out because of LBW?
  • Would you be fine with it if the batting openings are done by Hanuma Vihari and Mayank Agarwal in Melbourne?
  • Do you think that the Indian Cricket team must opt for Mayank Agarwal and Murali Vijay than putting KL Rahul at rest?
  • Would Hardik Pandya be a good decision if he is selected for the Test Series in Melbourne?
  • Do you think that Rahane is now not in his best form as he is unable to make as many runs like Virat and Pujara who are scoring at least a hundred?
  • What is your assessment of Virat Kohli as a batsman?
  • Are you seeing shades of the great Sachin Tendulkar in Virat Kohli?
  • Were you impressed with the Indian cricketers playing aggressively against the Australians in this Test series?
  • What is your assessment of Nathan Lyon?
  • Why do you think that our Indian batsman aren’t playing properly against the Australian spinners?
  • Assuming all the Indian cricket players are fit to play, which eleven players would you choose to play in Melbourne?
  • The stumps mic has been turned on and the players are being heard. We have heard a lot of Rishabh Pant of late. As a player, a coach and someone who dabbles in broadcasting too, what’s your take on this, should this be permitted?
  • Are you sticking to 2-1 as far as your prediction for the series is concerned?
  • Why did you suddenly take the initiative of building health awareness?
  • Why into diabetes and lifestyle?
  • How do you keep yourself healthy?
  • What is your word of advice to the youngsters?
  • What have been your big takeaways in these two months that you have been India’s head coach?
  • Did you bowl a lot of overs in the West Indies?
  • Do you acknowledge your role as the coach of the Indian Cricket Team?
  • Did you also have to work hard as a coach to train the players?
  • The five bowling strategy which you have committed to yourself would be used for India’s test cricket matches?
  • Can you tell us the reason you put Ravichandran Ashwin on the batting line in the top 6 for the West Indies test series?
  • So you never called up a curator to say that Listen, this is the kind of pitch I want when my team arrives to play a Test match?
  • Do you believe India should play a certain way at home, unapologetically on certain kinds of pitches?
  • Do you believe the head coach should have a vote in selection?
  • How important was the synergy between you and Rahul Dravid in finding a deep bench strength?
  • Could you explain as to why did you ask several players to be a part of the NCA?
  • Do you see one of your challenges as handling the transition of MS Dhoni, who is coming into the squad for short bursts and then leaves for long periods?
  • Did you ever in your wildest of imaginations think that you would have such an illustrious career when you made your debut?
  • What kind of difficulties does a bowler face according to you?
  • Do you think bowlers are treated unfairly during selection on the context of them not being able to perform overseas?
  • How different or similar is working with an administrative team to working in cricket?
  • What qualities does one need to be a cricket administrator in India?
  • Do you believe Indian players should form a players’ association?
  • Are you in support of Day/Night Test Match Cricket?
  • What role does a coach play?

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