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  • Who are the users of Ola Auto?
  • Do you see a heavy transition from auto to cabs on the platform?
  • Do you have any challenges rolling out to smaller towns? How are user expectations different?
  • What are the user expectations in smaller cities? How are they different from city users?
  • How do you pay for cars at a lower rent than others?
  • With the number of car buyers in India currently increasing, is this not a risk for you?
  • Initially announced at lower rates, you are now charging more at Peak Hour. What is the certainty that in the future your market will not go up further as the market increases?
  • Could you tell us why only hatchbacks were chosen for the Ola integration?
  • Are more TFS to Ola integrations coming in the near future?
  • Under what circumstances would you shut down the TFS app or replace it with the Ola app? How are TFS and Ola’s business models different?
  • What are your views on drivers who work with multiple apps: Ola, TFS, and Uber? Do you intend to address this issue?
  • What’s the uptake on Ola Auto? What kind of demand are they seeing there, and what kind of users?
  • Where is the demand for autos highest than any other city?

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