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  • How did you decide to be an actor?

  • It is heard that you were rejected by the All India Radio station. Is it true?

  • How do you maintain the secrecy of a film before it is released?

  • Is it exciting for you to hear the reviews of a film?

  • Do you read everything that comes up on social media about your movies?

  • How do you handle the criticisms on social media platforms?

  • Do you like to be in touch with your set of fans?

  • What is Sujoy’s biggest trend as a director?

  • What gives you the confidence to work with Sujoy even after the failure of Alladin?

  • How was your experience working with Taapsee Pannu and other young actors?

  • Is it true that it is not easy to convince you for a film?

  • Is Shah Rukh Khan passionate as a producer?

  • What are your views on this generation in terms of their commitment to work in the film industry?

  • Do you believe that Shah Rukh Khan is a genius when it comes to marketing a movie?

  • What do you do on a Friday morning when your movie is released?

  • There was speculation that you shoot for the promo of KBC 12. Is that true?

    So yes I worked .. got a problem with that .. keep it to yourself then .. damned if you pour it out here in this locked in condition .. sufficient precaution as much that could be taken was taken .. and what had been scheduled for 2 days, was completed in one day .. starting 6pm .. ending a short while NOW !!” Personal gratifications to the many that ask .. and then the KBC pile of several.. in all about 10 to 12 videos and then hours of audio recordings .. also for the same , KBC .. and the speculation as to how they shall conduct it .. there have been no definite answers for that .. but the authority hopes well and long .. so.

  • How does it feels to receive the 'Dada Saheb Phalke' awards?

  • You are collaborating with subsequent of new generation film makers. How does it feels?

  • How Amitabh Bacchan came on board in this amazing dream project?

  • How did your friendship began with chiranjeevi sir?

  • After 50 years of career still now television, commercials and social causes keep you busy.How do you make time for all these?

  • Engaging with people with any possible way, is it the big thrill?

  • Do you have any passion dream project like this?

  • is the support of your family empowers you?

  • Is there any advice for new generation film makers?

  • What kind of efforts are required to make a pan India film?

  • Do you relate with the character you are playing?

  • Is there any one tradition that you follow in your life?

  • Who in your life helped you to achieve your dream?

  • Do you remember the first film you saw in the theatre?

  • When you faced the disappointment in your career, how you dealt with it?

  • What is your view when you heard the music of the film?

  • What you think about your achievements till now and how long you want to go?

  • What you think about your "Angry young man" image?

  • Do u think art films are legging behind the commercial films?

  • What is your favorite role till now?

  • When you play you role do you place any condition to your producer or director?

  • Are you totally satisfied with today's Indian films?

  • Who will create the awareness of good cinema among audience?

  • Gulabo Sitabo is your first film releasing directly on the digital platform... Is it exciting to venture into this new space?

    Creative works are ever under scrutiny and assessment when exposed to the public. So one has to accept their verdict - one that we value. The audience shall decide the fate of the film, so let’s not jump to any conclusions. Yes, circumstances have been so prevailing that the OTT platform is being exploited for the release of GiBoSiBo (Gulabo Sitabo) and many factors had to be absorbed in order that this decision could be taken by the producers. As with every new invention we await the results of this experiment too. Shoojit (Sircar) is a prolific maker and Ayushmann (Khurrana) a prolific star, expectations are bound to mount. But that is where we need to stop for the moment. The living part is yet to be decided; it lies in abeyance.

  • Shoojit Sircar and you share a rich creative association. What was unique about collaborating for Gulabo Sitabo?

    What I have developed over the years working with Shoojit is an immense respect for his craft, his understanding of the subjects he chooses and the great cinematic guile he possesses in designing his characters. Directors are all-rounders. They possess immense qualities. They are scriptwriters, screenplay setters, production designers, music directors, editors, actors and marketing and publicity gurus. Shoojit is in command of all these qualities. Each time I have confirmation in my mind, that this is what Shoojit is thinking, he comes out and destroys it by giving me much better options in my thought.

  • The prosthetics is a cumbersome process. How does it add to your character in Gulabo Sitabo?

    What I learnt from the make-up artist on GiBoSiBo was that the most identifiable feature in face prosthetics is the nose. Change just that and the entire face changes. That is what was executed after several trials and errors on the ‘look’. Once that was settled, we went ahead with the rest of the look – the eyes, the spectacles, the ageing etc. Nose well in place, did the rest. No particular ‘dealing’ was required of working it into the performance… I just nosed around - to make bad use of that popular adage.

  • What did you discover about Ayushmann Khurrana as a co-star?

    Ayushmann is a most promised actor, of immense standing and calibre. I am honoured to have had an opportunity to work with him and learn. It is important to have an understanding colleague both on and off camera. Ayushmann has been more than that. I hope that he felt the same.

  • What is your take on commercial cinema versus alternative or parallel cinema?

  • Do you always stick to the script or do you like to improvise?

  • After you superseded Rajesh Khanna as the next superstar, do you feel it was a responsibility living up to the title?

  • How was the experience of acting out Auro in ‘Paa’? How did you get the look and the get-up for the role?

  • How did you become an actor? Where did your journey begin?

  • What is your advice for dealing with failure?

  • Have you made mistakes in your career? How do you feel about films that did not succeed at the box office?

  • Since you’re a superstar, do you call the shots on set?