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Amit Shah started his political career as a leader of the student wing of the RSS, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, in 1983. He joined BJP in 1987, one year before Modi joined the party. He became an activist of BJP's youth wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) in 1987.

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  • West Bengal is scheduled to go to the polls in the next 1.5 years. How do you see your situation in Bengal? What do you think will happen in those elections? You give a prediction every time.
  • West Bengal is scheduled to go to the polls in the next 1.5 years. How do you see your situation in Bengal? What do you think will happen in those elections? You give a prediction every time.
  • Who will be your party's face in Bengal?
  • Maharashtra and Haryana: how do you see these two states for your upcoming elections?
  • You have said you have achieved so much in 5 years but even after that why does it seem like a bad marriage between the BJP and Shiv Sena? why does it seem like you are not happy even after being together?
  • What is the situation in Haryana? You have been there. How many seats will you give yourself in Haryana?
  • How much is the Jat vs non-Jat factor playing in your favour?
  • How will the situation improve in Kashmir? What steps will you take to ensure that?
  • When will statehood be restored to J&K? How will the government attract investment to the Valley?
  • You recently said that a multi-party democracy hasn't been a successful format. What would you like to say on that?
  • Mohan Bhagwat said it recently that lynching isn't a part of Indian culture. How will you solve this issue?
  • You said that only Hindi can connect to this country. That created a controversy. What would you have to say about that?
  • Apart from HM, you are also a tall leader of the BJP, you are heading many GoMs. Today, the country is concerned over the economy. You have been in business and dealt with the stock market. If you look at the GDP, no matter whose opinion you look at, be it the RBI, World Bank or IMF, numbers are dropping. There is a drop in the auto sector, real estate and exports. The sentiment is bad. How can you improve this?
  • You say that when assessing the GDP, we should compare it with others and even today India is doing well in comparison to other countries. India's internal problem is that there is a lot of strain in the financial sector. a lot of banks have moved towards liquidation, there is stress on public sector banks as well and old scams are coming out. this is hurting sentiments and it is not clear as to how this situation will be handled. what will you say on this?
  • There were talks about Veer Savarkar being conferred the Bharat Ratna. What do have to say about that?
  • During the 2014 elections, the BJP’s campaign was centred around aspirations of the people, with the promise of 'acche din' and development. This time there is a shift towards issues of nationalism, security and Pakistan.
  • Couldn’t the government have taken the opposition into confidence on matters of national security?
  • After the Balakot strikes, different leaders gave different figures about the number of terrorists killed. You spoke about 250 deaths. Why wasn’t their uniformity about the numbers?
  • Many questions were raised about the Rafale deal. Rahul Gandhi has turned it into a political campaign.
  • Despite Modi’s popularity, many of your MPs face anti-incumbency.
  • Your government has been using all critical decisions, such as the recent A-SAT test, politically.
  • Will you agree that the benefits of demonetisation were limited than what you envisaged.
  • What was the immediate provocation to challenge the NIA Act, a legislation which was brought in during the Congress-led UPA era?
  • We are seeing nationwide protests against the CAA and NRC. Do you believe that these protests have the potential to be the nemesis of the Narendra Modi government?
  • Are you alleging that the two are at loggerheads?
  • What is your government’s stand on NPR?
  • The Congress so far in the last six years has been attacking the government on demonetisation and faulty implementation of GST. Is NRC/CAA a far bigger issue than these two?
  • You have repeatedly asserted that Rahul Gandhi should return as the president of the Congress party. Do you believe that the Congress can’t run without Mr. Gandhi at the helm?
  • The Union government has refused to procure additional paddy from Chhattisgarh. What is the way forward?
  • Atal Bihari used to live in 6-A, Krishna Menon Marg, how did you feel when you visited there for the first time?
  • You used to be an ordinary worker of the BJP. From there you became the BJP president, and today you are India's home minister. How do you view this journey?
  • Two days before the announcement of the union cabinet, everyone was saying that you will become the finance minister. So how did this happen? How did you become the home minister?
  • There are some states in the east and south where the BJP has not been that successful. So will you keep an eye on these eastern and southern states?

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