Amit Joshi

Global Head L&D, OD, & Talent

  • What do you think the impact of implementing technology in HR can be?

  • What is your experience of working as an HR in your current organization?

  • In your opinion, is happiness a consequence or cause of career success? Also, what are some of your good tips for achieving work-life balance in today’s competitive work culture?

  • What is that one revolutionary HR policy that you have come across?

  • What would your advice be for talent leaders as they strive to build a digital workforce?

  • How much of Digital transformations in HR is hype and how much reality? Do you think striking an optimal balance between technology and human touch is the need of the hour?

    there is a lot that can be automated, but humans are still not ready to adapt, there are a lot of mental biases and laziness to learn new, also needs change mgmt, fundamentally we live saying dont mind if its not broken

  • What are the supplementary benefits of digitizing HR?

    transparency and collaborated decision making with business

  • What are some of the recurring workforce concerns you have encountered?

    committment, passion and a thirst to learn and grow

  • What is that one revolutionary HR policy that you have come across?

    alliance based work profiles and pure pay for performance and output

  • What are some of the leadership lessons that guided you in your journey so far? Who is the one leader you look up to?

    learn, learn and learn more, practice skills a million times, be strategic and pragmatic, use cognitive empathy and outrospection...have some boss mentors who have worked with me and invested in me helping me to be even better than them

  • What do you feel the role of HR will be in 2025?

    it shall be a blend of business function and Hr blended with building lean organizations, there may not be big Hr teams

  • What are the top three skills that an HR must have?

  • How would you describe the transition of HR department in Indian culture?

  • What is actually an HR's work according to you?

  • How would you like to motivate young HRs?

  • What are the supplementary benefits of digitizing HR?

  • How important it is to invest in employee well-being?

  • According to you, what is the right strategic approach to ‘change management’ and how can one ensure preparedness and stability for change by empowering the human resources department?

  • How do you measure the engagement in an employee?