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  • Which is your favorite advertising channel?

    At this stage, I will ask you to be partial to books and make channels secondary to your education. There’s something very deep and connected that you will receive from good books. Consume books voraciously and they will be a great advantage to you in future. As you age your patience with the written word declines and at that stage you will not be able to read or absorb so much. Also, everyone is watching and snacking off something or the other now. To have a competitive edge over others go back to reading books.

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  • What according to you is the most important part while executing an advertising commercial?

    When you’re working on anything your partnership is your most valuable asset. A partner can shoot your idea down or take it to another level or add a completely refreshing dimension to it that never occurred to you. Partners can be professional and here please choose wisely and with the belief that your partner should be allowed to express freely their opinion. But also partners can be your mom, your brother, sister, colleague or just a travelling companion. Do not be hesitant in sharing your ideas to receive feedback and builds on it. As long as you’re mindful of keeping the confidentiality of your brand and client, go ahead and be as indiscreet as possible! It will only make your work better.

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  • What is your one basic mantra while coming up with ideas?

    No basic mantra. It’s always something different but from the environment around you that falls into place and an idea is born. I like to think we don’t come up with ideas rather ideas come to us. In any creative profession you’ll face a blank wall and sometimes we think like we used to think like our student exam days - we must drop everything and concentrate on this project otherwise the idea will not come. I’ve found this to be the wrong approach. And this is quite an important difference between solutionising and ideating. Don’t concentrate. Don’t give up on the film you were to watch or the friends you’re going out with. That’s just sacrificing and ideas will not come like that. Instead, do everything in the most irresponsible way. Enjoy what you’re doing but while you’re enjoying, watching, partying keep your mind open to thoughts. And cultivate the practice of zoning out or disconnecting from the place you’re in as soon as a thought occurs. Lock the thought away or jot it down and go back to whatever you were doing. But now that you have the idea, now you drop all your other agendas and now concentrate on completely crafting that thought into a line or a visual or a scene that can communicate your idea best.

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