Alka Sood

Principal Architect & Partner, EDC Space.

  • Can the complexities of a project be summarised with a sketch?

    It depends on what you mean by complexities? Will your client interpret the sketch in the same way as what you are trying to say? Is the client competent enough to read your drawing?With my experience I have seen it is always better to add text and if possible verbally explain the project along with the sketches. This also avoids any misinterpretation.

  • In your experience, what is the most effective way of presenting a project?

    This is dependent on what stage of the project are you at? If it is at the conceptual stage it is better to present a plan along with a 3D for better visualisation. This also cuts down the time to finalise the concept. The client is able to visualise the completed project so gives faster decision

  • What are you afraid of regarding the future of architecture?

    The loss of heart in Architecture. It is becoming very commercial where one is just aping the west without any consideration to our climate, local material, local artisanal skills and our culture. The rise of glass facade buildings are one such example.

  • Do you have a signature style? What inspires your designs?

    Thank you for asking this question. I don’t have any signature style. As per me a designer should be able to design as per the project’s requirement. I find inspirations from nature, clean geometry, something the client has shared. One of the aspects which have been consistent from the beginning of my career is to be conscious towards the environment, try and use local material and local skilled labour.

  • Who or what inspired you to become an architect?

    Your question has brought back memories. I had a sketchy idea of what exactly is the role of an architect. I wanted to become an engineer but my father didn’t think it is a profession for women as they will find it difficult to handle labour. I have an uncle who is an architect. So he spoke to my dad, since I was good in Maths and Art - I applied for architecture, and have never regretted it.

  • What advice would you give to a young architect?